The Helpers' Network GAZETTE - September 1994
a monthly newsletter for friends of "Beauty and the Beast"

This is the news roundup from Nan Dibble and Helpers' Network. Call the Central Hotline at 513-961-3317 or the East Hotline at 201-779-6040.

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After the various backings and forthings, Genvieve Bujold, who accepted the top role in the new Star Trek Voyager series, bowed out again, leaving the role (which had reportedly been offered to Linda Hamilton) up for grabs. The part was taken by Kate Mulgrew, perhaps best known as Mrs. Columbo.

Linda's new movie, Silent Fall, in which she appears with Richard Dreyfus and John Lithgow (a review was in the August Gazette), will premiere nationally on October 28th. An advance preview will be shown at the end of the Hampton Film Festival, Oct. 23. Thanks to Laura Beth Cook and Darlene Sullivan for this information.

In further sightings, Linda was photographed with Arnold Schwarzenegger at the opening, in Las Vegas, of a new Planet Hollywood nightclub. The October issue of US magazine carried a photo [reproduced in the hard copy of the October Gazette].

A brief, general article on strong, aggressive women in movies, in that same issue of US magazine, had this composite as its lead graphic: [a cutout composite with Linda's head, in T-2 sunglasses and stark expression, attached to a body-builder's shoulders and a sketched-in skinny body, shooting an automatic rifle.]

Of course it's only a caricature, but it does indicate how Linda is currently perceived by the media due to her much publicized body-building for her role as Sarah Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, and because of the role itself. It's not a very flattering perception, one Linda presumably is working against in her two newest movies: as a supportive wife in Silent Fall and as an out-of-control, sexually voracious woman (reportedly) in the upcoming Separate Lives, which Linda described as "an erotic thriller."

Nowhere in this US issue, devoted to the new wave of movies focused on "strong" women, was Linda or her roles discussed in anything more than a passing reference nor was she quoted directly, so we haven't reprinted it.

At that opening, E! Entertainment caught her on the way. On E!'s show, Q&E, whose format is to ask a series of stars a random question, Linda was asked what was the most ridiculous report about her ever circulated by the press. Linda replied that the worst one was a published claim that when she was pregnant with her first child (that would have been late in second season of B&B), she didn't know she was pregnant and ascribed her discomfort to some form of flu. Thanks to John McClosky for relaying.

Ron does the voice of the villain Graft in the new syndicated cartoon series Phantom 2040, shown weekends on various independent stations.

Fluke, a movie made last spring in which Ron Perlman does a voice and in which Matthew Modine's voice stars (a weird way to put it, but it's true) is due to premiere Dec. 2. Advance screenings are reported to be positive, though no word yet on what the animated feature is about. Thanks to Darlene Sullivan for this item.

Darlene also reports that the film Ron spent the summer in France filming, City of Lost Children, is now being offered to distributors. It will probably premiere sometime in 1995. And Italian helper Cecilia Ragaini reports that Police Academy: Mission to Moscow is being shown theatrically in Europe. Of Ron's role in this farcical comedy, Cecilia says, "He plays the role of Konstantin Konali, a Russian 'Mafioso' boss who wants to become master of the world. Although the movie is sometimes silly, he does a remarkable job: his performance is exhilarating." To the best of Nan's knowledge, that movie has not yet been released in the US either theatrically or on tape.

According to Ron's agent's office, Ron has done the reading for a book on audiotape to be released sometime before Christmas. However, Nan's informant didn't know the title or author or publisher of the audiobook, since the agent wasn't involved in the arrangement. Nan's checking, but if anybody else finds out what it is, please relay. The difficulty is that even the publishers don't list their audio books by the performers: only by title and author. So the information is proving difficult to come by. One way or another, with help, Nan hopes to have further details by/before the time the audiobook is released.

Ron's new-to tape movies, Double Exposure and Sensations, are playing around cable these days and some video outlets are carrying them. Or Nan can make copies ($8.50 each, to Helpers' Network). Ron's blink-and-you've-missed it role in Romeo Is Bleeding is also currently airing. And The Name of the Rose, in which Ron has a memorable, if singularly unappealing, role as a moronic hunchback, is reportedly now available on laser disk.

And, this just in from helper Sandie Whited: Cronos, Ron's much-praised vampire picture, is now out on video ($94) and available at some Blockbuster outlets. Thanks to Sandie and Carolyn Wilcox for rapid relay.

According to Jo's agent's office, Jo will be joining the cast of Sisters, on which she did a two-hour guest appearance last season. Now several weeks into the new season, Jo has yet to appear; Nan conjectures that Jo's character, Dr. Bennett, will be reintroduced in a later episode, after the character gets out of the hospital (she needed a bone marrow transplant from a close relative, which led to her searching out her half-sisters, who hadn't known of her existence.) Sisters airs on Saturdays at 10:00 on NBC.

The 3-tape, 6 hour set of tapes from TunnelCon III will be ready to ship by the end of October according to videographer Phil Smith. He and his crew sifted through about 60 hours of tape, many scenes shot by multiple camera to provide different angles, to come up with the final version. Phil says this set of tapes may even surpass the set made for Great Expectations-which, if you've seen them, you know to be exquisitely handsome and enjoyable: the best way to enjoy a convention if you couldn't be there...and maybe even if you could, since you can't help missing something! The TunnelCon III set is $50 plus $4 s/h; the phone number for Visa or Master Card orders is 918-743-3450. Or for mail orders, send check or money order to NovTek, Inc. Video Productions, 3171-A, S 129 E. Ave., #136, Tulsa OK 74134.

Also available from Helpers Above Tulsa (NovTek's associated fan group) is the Helpers' Network Directory, containing the most current information available on B&B fan communities worldwide. It's $6 for a single issue and $10 for a year (2 issues). Send to Philip Smith, 3171-A, S 129 E. Ave., #136, Tulsa OK 74134. However, these can't be ordered by credit card, an Alaskan fan informs Nan.

The Roy Dotrice Fan Association is offering sets of Christmas cards, done in color from paintings Roy did himself. They're Christmas scenes, cosy wintertime, not directly related to B&B and so suitable for sending to anybody. There are six cards in a set, shipped in a protective plastic sleeve. From the US and Canada they're $5 US cash to Gwen Lord, 6 Meadow Lane, Leasingham, Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8LL England.

About the middle of September, Nan responded to the kind invitation of Pat Dhillon and Helpers' Network Canada to be a guest at their annual Tunnelfest celebration.

Nan, a stay-at-home who'd never been out of the country since childhood, found the trip a bit harrowing. Trafficked on the way to the vast Greater Cincinnati Airport, Nan found on reaching the ticket desk that the plane was within a few minutes of its scheduled departure. The agent pointed her the right way and directed, "RUN!"

Nan made the plane with seconds to spare...but her baggage didn't. And she found, upon reaching Toronto after a short flight (notable in part because the steward was a dead ringer for Sidig al Fadir, Dr. Bashir from DS9), that she was supposed to have brought her birth certificate or social security card as proof of nationality to get into the country. Nobody had warned her; she'd brought nothing but her driver's license, which was no help. She was in danger of being expelled as an unauthorized alien, but the powers that be allowed her begin the search for her luggage, complicated by the fact she didn't know where she was to be staying, and so couldn't tell the baggage claims officer where to send the wayward bags if and when they did arrive. Finally rescued by Pat Dhillon, anxiously waiting outside because nobody's allowed in, or back in, to the customs area from the outside (Nan and Pat had never met one another, but recognized each other by Pat's Vincent T-shirt and Nan's Helpers' Network totebag), Nan succeeded in supplying the address and was joyously reunited with her baggage about 1 am.

Rising early the next morning to help set up for the mini-con, Nan spent a happy and exciting day at Tunnelfest, where she greeted many Canadian B&B fans, met some phone friends, and passed on news about the series and its doings in the states. She learned that in its most recent Canadian airing, episodes had been shown in the following order: "What Rough Beast"; "Ceremony of Innocence"; "Beggar's Comet"; and then "The Rest Is Silence." Interjecting this third season show into the Trilogy reportedly mystified some new Canadian fans: what baby? Where's Catherine? You can imagine the effect.

There was filk singing, a costume contest, a scattering of dealers' booths with zines and other B&B merchandise (Nan came back toting a huge framed Vincent Catherine poster she'd never seen before, anywhere, and instantly fell in love with). And everybody seemed to have a tunnel-ish rousing good time.

Released by her hosts, Pat and Dhil, on the Sunday, when the Dhillons needed to tend their booth at a large downtown antiques mall, Nan wandered through a large book fair, escorted by two new-made friends among the Canadian fandom. She was delighted to find copies of some of her paperback science fiction books, long out of print, in the used section of a science fiction bookstore and snapped them up as guest gifts for Pat and Dhil. Eventually Nan was delivered back to the airport, allowed through despite her lack of proper documentation, and flew back to workaday Cincinnati, the framed poster balanced on her head as she trudged through the miles of deserted nighttime airport corridors. No further luggage mishaps occurred and Nan returned to her currently catless house weary but happily remembering this exciting weekend.

It's not usually the Gazette's policy to publish fiction or poetry, but this, we couldn't pass up. In a past issue, an editorial was published trying to put in perspective Beth Blighton's announced decision not to continue Lionheart (the Vincent fanclub) beyond the end of the year and to retreat, to some degree, from her involvement in fandom. This was helper Pat Farrar's response (in her cover note, Pat comments, "The news about Beth Blighton disturbed me: I'm such a big fan of hers. But she once again inspired me; this time, to one of my odd little poems."). We think Pat speaks for many:

Your calendar hangs on my wall,
Your nightshirt's on my back.
I can find you in my T-shirt drawer
And my "favorite drawings" stack.

You say you're giving up on us~
You're tired, you're done, you're through.
Don't leave us altogether, Beth
'Cause we can't forget you!

I went nuts in eighty-seven:
Got hooked on B&B.
But wait~how could that happen?
I don't even watch TV!

Next year was even stranger:
Discovered fanzines -- I was lost!
Got addicted, had to have 'em~
Send them now, who cares what cost!

Woven in among the stories
There was art, some good, some poor.
Made me dust off my old art supplies
And try my hand once more.

Did you know what you were doing --
All you artists, writers too?
You were becoming our new heroes,
So we tried to be like you.

Fifty something total episodes
Were all we ever got.
How many total fanzines?
I don't know, but it's a lot!

I loved Beth and I loved Barb,
Wished I could draw like them;
Soon discovered Pam and Rita,
Rosemarie, and P. S. Nim!

Who's the greatest artist?
Wouldn't even try to say.
But we were first inspired by B&B,
Beth and Barbara led the way.

Most of us could not approach you;
but at least you made us strive.
We fans formed an empathic bond,
And I think it's still alive.

I spent more time with you guys
Than with Linda, Ron, or Roy.
You gave me warmth, and kinship,
And a special kind of joy.

Beth Blighton, I salute you
With my silly little poem.
Please remember that we'll miss you --
Hope soon you'll come back home.

Other than the closing issue of Lionheart, Nan doesn't know to what extent Beth will choose or be able to continue her involvement, as an artist, writer, and friend, with B&B fandom. But whatever it be, little or much, it will continue to be inspiring, appreciated, and warmly welcomed by us all.

Signups for next year's LA convention have been going at a fast clip, Nan hears. For info and a membership kit, send to D'vora Pariente, Box 9287, Anaheim CA 92812. The convention dates are July 7-9, 1995 and membership now costs $85; the bus tour on Monday, the 10th, costs an additional $45. For the promotional video about the convention, containing substantial interviews with B&B people including Roy Dotrice, David Greenlee, Armin Shimerman, Tony Jay, Edward Albert, Ellen Geer, Teri Hanaur, and Jay Acovone, send a $30 donation + $3 s/h to Video, Box 9287, Anaheim CA 92812. Any profits from this video are donated to charity.

Star-spotter Karen Morgia relays that Tony Jay (Paracelsus) does the voice of the main villain, Megabyte, in a computer animated cartoon, Reboot. He also did the voice for the character Chairface in the animated The Tick, based (we're told) on a comic book series. Karen notes, as did Lyn Kramer, that Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) does a guest shot in the season premiere of the TV series Kung Fu, the Legend Continues. Karen also spotted Tony Steedman (Sebastian in "Dead of Winter") in Split Second, a new HBO movie starring Rutger Hauer. And Robert Pasterelli (mean gypsy Vic Ramos in "Everything is Everything") is showing up in M&M commercials, where he muses on the philosophical aspects of eating M&M's. Nan saw him but didn't recognize him until Karen pointed him out.

Armin Shimerman (Pascal), currently Quark on DS9, is one of the judges in the Design an Alien Contest for DS9, according to a snippet in TV Guide. Laura Beth Cook reports that in personal appearances, Armin continues to speak very fondly of B&B as well as enjoying his much more prominent (compared to Pascal) and popular role as Quark.

Tom Breshnahan, the sidekick in "The Hollow Men," is a semi-regular on new series Robin's Hoods, syndicated. Del Roy Lindo's (the second Isaac Stubbs) movie, Crooklyn, is due out on tape in mid-October. And Scott Jaeck (Kanin in "A Gentle Rain") appears to be a recurring/regular character on the new series ER, playing a radiologist.

Helper Sandie Whited saw Ritch Brinkley (William) in what's probably a generic bank ad, customized for a given local market. Ritch plays the cook on a trail drive; then a guy in a suit comes on to make the pitch for the local bank. You may find it aired, customized, in your area.

The follow-up TV movie to the series Alien Nation, starring Eric Pierpoint (the Irish gunman in "Masks") airs on October 25th, at 8 on FOX. It's called Alien Nation, Dark Horizon, and promises to resolve some of the matters the cliffhanger cancellation of the series left up in the air. And Alien Nation never had the following that B&B did/does. And here's its TV movie, a couple years after cancellation: think about it....

We're next. We're coming. Based on nothing but gut feelings, Nan's sure of it.

The news is no news from Cinemaker. Still waiting....

Thanks to helper Vivian Liebgold for relaying that according to the trade paper, Daily Variety, Ron Koslow is writing a movie called Last Dance which will go into production next January. It will be directed by Bruce Beresford, a director of note; produced by Touchstone; and distributed by Buena Vista, which means Disney.

A new calendar is available from well-known fan artist Inez Brown. A passionate embrace between Vincent and Catherine, titled "Afterglow," will be with you all year with this year-at-a-glance calendar. It's 8+x13, laminated cardstock; the guessed-at rating is PG-13. Inez' calendar is $8 US/CAN, $8.50 US cash from Europe to Inez Brown, 24885 Glenside, Southfield MI 48034. A flyer listing and describing all the 1995 B&B calendars and diaries available is free for SASE to Helpers' Network, if you're in a hurry; if not, it will be published in the October Gazette.

Helper Laura Hardy in FL has come up with a charming idea: a tunnel kettle that will visit you for a comforting cup of tea (or whatever) just for the asking, and the postage. It will pass from individual to individual, group to group, until the convention next year. Perfect for a special gathering, or just for you, to remind you we're all in this together. Or arrange for a visit to a friend who needs some warm comfort and affection. Judy Loyd, of Helpers Above Tulsa, is godmothering the kettle in its journeys. If you'd like to arrange a visit from the kettle, contact Judy Loyd, 7812 E. 58th St., Tulsa OK 74145.

Free classified ads available for anything you can write on a standard 3x5 card. Send to Helpers' Network by/before the middle of the month. Ads run once unless renewed.

Helper Rita Klemp would like to borrow/buy any of the out-of-print zines by M. Sue Waugh. If you have any you're willing to part with, either temporarily or permanently, please contact:

Rita Klemp
2942 Oakborough Square
Oakton VA 22124

A flyer for (a limited time) a full-color poster of Vincent's Chamber by miniaturist Jane Freeman. The poster is 11x17, exquisitely rendered, full of detailed, beloved clutter. A single poster is $8; or $12 for two, mailing tube and postage included for all orders. Send to Jane Freeman, 21 Harrison Street #3, New York NY 10013. Send SASE for information on Jane's other scenes of life Above and Below. (Jane assembles the scene from tiny furniture and objects, like furnishing a dollhouse, then has it photographed. In these close-up photos, with no sense of scale, the scenes look indistinguishable from the real thing!)

Photos: Last Christmastime, Barb Stoddard in Boston noticed that a big department store, Jordan Marsh, had five window displays with fairy-tale themes. One of Beauty and the Beast. Barb did a double take: there was Vincent! In a tux!

Because the color photos Barb took reproduce so dark in black and white (the dominant color is red), Lena Wood kindly did an artist's rendering to give you a clearer idea. Thanks to Barb and Lena for helping convey this proof that Vincent still gets around, Above...

Included were three photos, two of close-up Vincent, one of Vincent standing and "Catherine" seated in a candle, flower- filled room, with champagne chilling. The artist rendering is of this last photo.

And also included was a flyer for Lydia Bower's new Classic fantasy zine, Dark and Bright -- the Theme of Honor's Tongue, "the story of Vincent and Catherine, set in a long ago and far away time, when the world was new and magic still existed." This zine includes artwork by Rosemarie Hauer, is approximately 100 pages and is rated PG-13. For more info, send SASE to Rainbow Bridge Productions, 1228 Fairlawn Drive, Rantoul IL 61866 for a flyer. She is also accepting submissions for future issues of the Dark and Bright series. Send SASE to same address.