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September, 1995

This is the news roundup from Nan Dibble and Helpers' Network.
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Taking it from the top, Ron Perlman made a surprise appearance at
A Distant Shore for about 5 minutes, on his way through to
Britain. He said he was pleased at all the good that's been done
in the name of Beauty and the Beast. (Nan got to shake his
hand--the good news-- but failed to get a sound byte for the
Hotline, the reason she accosted him in the first place-- the bad
news. Proves that them as don't want, gets.)
       Other guests at the convention included Roy Dotrice,
Edward Albert, David Schwartz, David Greenlee, Teri Hanaur
(Jennie), Caitlin O'Heany (Brigit O'Donnell), Ren Woods (Edie),
Ritch Brinkley (William), Ellen Geer (Mary), and Cory Danziger
(Kipper). Jo Anderson (Diana) sent a telegram expressing her
regrets at being unable to attend and her good wishes for the
fandom. Also attending was Barbara Hambly, author of two of the
B&B novelizations from Avon (now out of print), with whom Nan did
a most enjoyable panel session. The Suits were represented by
Robert Sigman, CEO of Republic, and Ron Castell, a VP at
Blockbuster, and their assorted staffs.
       Ron Koslow also made an appearance and attended Saturday's
Q&A session with the fans. Koslow said, and Robert Sigman
confirmed, that a 4 hour Beauty and the Beast miniseries is in
the first stages of being planned. The earliest it would actually
begin filming would be next summer, that is, summer of 1996.
       Please remember, this is only the first step, not an
announcement of definite things. But it's not a rumor. Koslow and
Republic are saying they intend to do this--it's just a matter of
getting all the parts together now. Koslow said that the first
part of the miniseries would be reviving Catherine and explaining
how she survived. The second part of the miniseries would
continue into a story, just as the episodes did. So there well
might be further miniseries beyond this first one. No word on
Linda Hamilton's involvement, but Koslow has always made clear
that he wants her to play Catherine. We'll see how that works
       Nan has always believed that a movie would come in some
form, and that this year there was the best chance to get
something started, since Republic is about over the confusions
resulting from the mergers and reorganization under Viacom and
Blockbuster that have occupied them for almost two years. That's
now happened, and Republic has lots of plans for the series.
These plans, incidentally, will not be affected, claims Sigman,
by Viacom's recently announced plans to sell off Spelling
Entertainment, formerly closely linked with Republic.
       Pat Jackson, reporting on several discussions she had with
Sigman and other representatives of Republic, said that not only
is the Of Love and Hope album to be reissued as a CD
(manufactured but not distributed, as of Oct. 1), but a sequel
album is planned as well. Again, it would be Ron Perlman reading
poetry to music. No word on the release date on either album yet,
but we'll keep you posted.
       With the new series of videos, episodes 13-16, now out
(and very handsome they are, too!) it's clear that Republic is
interested in promoting the series now and is looking for new
licensees to produce B&B merchandise. Videos of episodes 17-20
are being developed for release, probably (a guess) early next
       In light of all these exciting developments, Nan is
confident that there'll be a lot of news, all of it good, to come
out of this in months to come.


Since August, Ron Perlman has been in Australia filming a remake
of The Island of Dr. Moreau, starring Marlon Brando.
       RP expert Maxine Mayer reports that Brando is one of the
actors Ron admires most. So in many ways, this shapes up as a
remarkable project. The film is based on an H. G. Wells tale
about mad scientist Moreau who, on his private tropical island,
surgically--and painfully--transforms animals into humans (sort
of), then tries to get them to behave like people. Do you hear
BEAST implicit here? If you do, Nan thinks you're right.
       The tale has been filmed twice before: in 1933 (with
Charles Laughton as Moreau) and 1977 (with Burt Lancaster as the
lead). Both previous versions are critically well regarded.
       According to Darlene Sullivan, the movie's start date was
pushed back because of star Brando's family tragedy, the suicide
of his daughter. That left enough time for Val Kilmer to finish
shooting on Batman Forever and be available for Island, playing
what can be described as the "Michael York" role, the male
ingenue, inasmuch as Michael York played that part in the last
filming of Island, the one that starred Burt Lancaster. Ron
Perlman's part is that of the humanized animal, "The Speaker of
the Law," played by Bela Lugosi in the first version that starred
Charles Laughton as Dr. Moreau.
       Although, as helper Marion Kozlowski reported to us,
production on Island was briefly shut down while changing
directors and coping (reportedly) with Val Kilmer's requests that
scenes be frequently reshot, production has apparently resumed:
Ron Perlman's agent's office recently told Nan that he's expected
back in the states about mid-November.
       Darlene also tells us the cast includes Samuel L. Jackson,
an actor nominated for an Oscar for Pulp Fiction, who played the
nicer of the two computer experts in Jurassic Park: the one who
had his arm torn off by a veloceraptor, and somebody neither of
us knows, who rejoices in the name Marco Hofshneider. The movie
begins shooting in Australia on August 15.
       Some RP movie miscellany: Fluke, in which Ron Perlman
co-stars with Matthew Modine, is now out. Ron plays a live-action
baddie, not a voice, and is billed immediately below the dog.
Original Sins, an original TV movie whose cast included Ron
Perlman, aired on April 12. Though it was a small part, it was
without elaborate makeup, Ron wasn't the baddie, and he didn't
get splatted at the end. So all in all, a pleasant change of
       Apparently Ron went to Cannes for the premiere of City of
Lost Children, the first movie he's ever been in that was in
contention for a prize. It didn't win any, however. It's
reportedly due in theaters in the US in November. 
       Ron went to Cannes from Vancouver, where did The
Adventures of Captain Zoom, a low-budget wonder in which he plays
Ming the Merciless. Those of you who remember the Flash Gordon
movie will understand when Nan says that if it's good enough for
Max Von Sydow, it's probably good enough for Ron. The name of the
character was later changed to Lord Vox. And thanks to Karen
Morgia and the many others who called to our attention that Ron
Perlman was featured, with a picture, in a small blurb in TV
Guide in August, tied to the TV premiere (it never hit theaters)
of Captain Zoom on the little-known STARZ cable network. A video
of this charmer is available (see Notices & Factoids).
       Also pending is the movie Mr. Stitch, which Ron made last
year while in France. No word yet on release date. Also pending
is the so-called political satire, The Last Supper, a takeoff on
Arsenic and Old Lace, in which Ron presumably has the Raymond
Massey role as a Boris Karloff clone. And Ron's segment of the
anthology series that first aired in Canada this spring, Picture
Windows, is now airing Sunday evenings in October on Showtime.
Ron's segment, of the six, is a western called "Lightning,"
directed by Joe Dante. A video of this is also available: see
Notices & Factoids.
       Police Academy 7: Mission to Moscow is all over the tube.
You can catch it on a variety of cable channels. In it, Ron plays
a Russian mobster who has a pet snake named "Skippee." And, we're
told, Ron HATES snakes even worse than Indiana Jones does. With
the upheaval in Russia during the shooting, this must really have
been a fun movie for him to make.


Ron has a new audiobook. It's called Superstitious (not
Superstitions, Superstitious) by R. L. Stine, who's best known
for his young adult horror fiction. This is his first horror
novel for adults. By the report of helper Marion Kozlowski, who
drove 40 miles through icy fog, over mountains, to get her copy,
it's a horror/gothic in which a young college student becomes
romantically involved with her Irish professor of Irish folklore,
who is terribly superstitious...and, it proves, with good reason
since when he doesn't do the avoidances that superstitious people
have to perform, the horrible things really DO happen! The book
is a two-tape set, abridged from the novel, and costs $17. It's
from Time Warner Audio Book and is being sold, at this point, by
Barnes and Noble, which encouraged the publisher to release it
about a month early, according to my informants who have access
to B&N's little publication describing their new and coming
books. This publication said that it was expected to do well
since B&N, as a chain, had sold out of Caliban's Hour, Ron P's
previous audiobook, FOUR times. And the only connection between
Caliban's Hour and this book is not the author, not the genre,
not the publisher...just that RP is reading it. And on the basis
of that, B&N apparently judges it will sell very well indeed. And
what do you think of that??? Unlike Caliban's Hour, this is not a
monologue but a straight narrative, and Ron does all the voices,
including the ill-starred Irish-brogued professor. And Marion
tells us that when Ron's voice goes quiet, which is a fair amount
of the time, it's absolutely Vincent. You don't want to miss this
one. Again, it's available now, though in limited supply, at B&N;
other chains, such as Waldenbook, should have it soon, but phone
first to check if it would be a long trip for you.



The first week of August, TV Guide carried a substantial
interview with Linda Hamilton, pegged to the fact that Linda's TV
movie, A Mother's Prayer, officially premiered after a sneak
preview in late May. In the article, Linda comments that in
retrospect she regrets making the second Terminator movie and
hopes to choose less hard-edged roles in the future. Other live
interviews were on Regis & Cathie Lee, and on Conan O'Brien. A
tape including these interviews is available (see Notices &
       Helper Darlene Sullivan commented astutely that the early
May midnight showing was so that the movie would qualify for this
year's Emmy awards. (Nominations will be made in 1996). August
would have been too late.
       Linda's movie Silent Fall, starring Richard Dreyfuss and
John Lithgow, is now out on video. And her self-described "erotic
thriller," Separate Lives, hit theaters on September 8.
       Darlene tells us that according to the trades, Linda has a
new movie filming in Washington. Other locations are Richmond VA
and Baltimore. It's called The Shadow Conspiracy, an action
thriller featuring, besides Linda, Charlie Sheen and Donald
Sutherland. It's about the president's right-hand man stumbling
on an assassination plot. Linda plays a reporter for the
Washington Herald.


Thanks to Lyn Musacchio for relaying Roy Dotrice's current
doings. In September, Roy did a play, a two-character British
ghost story, The Woman in Black, at the Westport Country
Playhouse, in Westport CT. Roy appeared with Maxwell Caulfield.
       According to helper Roz Levinson, who (with other NJ
friends) spent an enjoyable evening with Roy and Kay Dotrice
after the play, Roy's plans for new projects are open at this
       His movie The Scarlet Letter, in which he plays a nasty
vicar, is due in theaters Oct. 13. He was killed off on Picket
Fences at the conclusion of last season, and Earth 2, where he
played a tunnelish patriarch a couple of times, has been
cancelled. So new TV projects for Roy are still to be determined.


The big disappointment of A Distant Shore (for Nan, at least) was
that despite his previous promises relayed here, Ed Gross didn't
show up. None of the promised books were there, either. Now, in
October, Nan knows no more about what's going on with Ed than she
did before, but feels it's safe to say that Ed has gotten out of
the B&B business and is no longer a licensee.
       Nan's view is that Ed isn't dishonest--only dishonorable,
in not providing either explanation or refunds for the many he
(and Nan, on Ed's assurances) had encouraged to preorder the
Cinemaker books. Those orders, with one possible exception, must
now be considered down the drain. You're free to try to contact
Cinemaker (262 First Ave., Massapequa Park NY 11762) for all the
good that will do you: Ed doesn't answer Nan's calls or letters
either...never has and evidently never will. He's the worst
businessman Nan has ever encountered but she's certain Ed never
meant things to turn out like this. But it's cowardly, now that
they have, that he's refused to face the fans he ended up
defrauding, much less offer any sort of explanation, to say
nothing of offering refunds (Nan's also certain that the money
just isn't there anymore: Ed's a small time operator who, in this
instance, got in way over his head and didn't know how to get out
again, except by hiding. We'd all have better luck squeezing
water out of the proverbial stone).
       Nan doesn't know when, if ever, The Official Annotated B&B
Guidebook will be published. The author, Jana Ondrechen, was very
disappointed that her book hadn't been published. Rhonda Collins,
author of the Cinemaker-promised Legacy of Love, was even more
discouraged (this would have been her first pro book) and has
issued it as a zine, complete with Kevin Barnes color cover ($20
US to Rhonda Collins, 4511 Allegheny, San Antonio TX 78229).
       Nan believes Perlman and the Beast will eventually be
published, but that's just an assumption on her part. But all the
work had been done, the market is still there, and Ed paid Ron
Perlman a tidy chunk of change for doing the interviews on which
the book is based and for the right to publish it. Nor is that
book in any way dependent on Ed's holding the right to publish
B&B material: Ron's memoirs are his own property, and not subject
to licensing. However, if and when Ed publishes this book, he'd
presumably have to finally fulfill all those preorders, and Nan
don't know if he's either willing or able to do that. Nan's
holding onto her records, and if Ed needs to know who preordered,
she'll most gladly supply him with all the information about that
she was sent over the past two years or so. So Perlman and the
Beast is iffy, but still possible. We'll see. Given Cinemaker's
abysmal track record, don't hold your breath...but don't give up
entirely, either. Is there such a thing as hopeful skepticism? If
so, try to practice it.
       As for Nan, she's publishing Bright Spirit Descending
herself, with Barb Gipson's interior illustrations and Kevin
Barnes' cover (B&W). The book is exactly as it would have been
published by Cinemaker, except that it's 8 1/2 x 11 and spiral
bound. A big book, 250,000 words, it's a novelization of "The
Alchemist" and "To Reign in Hell" together with an original story
of the founding of the tunnel community (about 1/2 the book).
       Although Nan didn't keep the preorder money for books
ordered through her, she feels very bad both about Cinemaker in
general and about promoting the books that never were published,
although she did so in good faith. She's trying to make what
amends she can in the way Bright Spirit is being offered.
       Anybody with a paid order either for Bright Spirit
Descending or "the first four novels," from Cinemaker, meaning
that their check was cashed (to the best of their knowledge), can
have a copy of Bright Spirit Descending for $5 (slightly below
Nan's cost to print and mail it.) You don't have to prove
anything--no special paperwork or documentation required: just
tell Nan.
       For anybody else, the price is $15--still low by zine
standards, though higher than an ordinary paperback. Nan's
intention is for everyone who wanted a copy of Bright Spirit to
get one. The same price applies in the US and abroad.
       Send orders to Nan Dibble, 379 Amazon Ave., Cincinnati OH


D'vora Pariente gave us information about the official con tapes
for that very exciting and dramatic convention, A Distant Shore.
There are two tapes, the first of which is convention highlights,
(which DOES include the footage of Ron Perlman's surprise
appearance); the second is the play "Great Expectations" that was
put on at the convention and highlights of the bus tour the
following Monday. You can have both tapes, or either. Any single
tape is $30; the set of two is $55, postage and handling
included. They should be ready for release in another week or
two. (NOTE: This may be temporarily delayed, I will notify you as
soon as I get a definite date - BeastFan) Make check or money
order payable to Serendipity and send to Serendipity, Box 9287,
Anaheim CA 92812.
       D'vora adds that Serendipity is the marketing arm of the
Carousels and Caverns community and is a licensed dealer in B&B
merchandise. So the special crew jackets, tee shirts, and other
merchandise produced for the convention, as well as the
re-release of the CD and tape of the Of Love and Hope recording,
available soon, will continue to be available through Serendipity
while supplies last. This includes the new episodes 13-16, as
well. If you're interested in this merchandise, send SASE to
D'vora for a flyer and price list.


Helpers' Network congratulates the nominees and winners of this
year's Fan Q awards. This year, any zine was eligible, no matter
when it was written or published, so long as it had never won an
award before. So don't be surprised that some of these are older
zines. Winners are indicated by the numbers preceding the

Best newsletter:
1      The Helper's Network Gazette by yours truly
2      Soulmates, a Never-Ending Dream by Barbara Hill and Teri
3      Classic Connection by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp
       The B&B Newsletter by Pat Jackson
       Chatterbox by Rita Davies
       The Helper's Network UK newsletter by Gwen Lord and Jacqui

Best short story:
1      "It Lasts for Always" by Lynette Combs
2      "Sweet Surrender" by Linda Barth
3      "The First Time" by Michele Sayles
       "Matchmaker" by Jesse Gurner and Linda Barth
       "To Bee or Not to Bee" by Lynette Combs

Best Poem:
1      "Dream Seeker" by Lynette Combs
2      "Chamber Child" by Lynette Combs
3      "Tis Such a Sweet Pain" by Peggy Garvin
       "Below" by Peggy McNabb
       "Clothes Minded" by Peggy McNabb

Best Anthology:
1      BondStories 8 ed. by Joyce Fuller Kleikamp and Leslie
2      Embrace the Night ed. by Debbie Ristick and Anita Hooson
3      Huntress 2 ed. by Roxanne Shearer Koogler
       O Sweetest Song Verse 1 ed. by Lynette Combs
       Sensual Candlelight ed. by Anita Bowles

Best Novella:
1      "Down in the Dark" by Roxanne Shearer Koogler
2      "Someone to Watch Over Me" by Adele Turner
3      "Your Pain Is My Pain" by Teresa Teppe
       "Soulmates, Part IV" by Barbara Hill and Teri Milliman
       "Checkmate" by Teresa Teppe

Best Novel:   
1      One Day, a Rapture by Pamela Garrett
2      Beyond Beginnings by Linda Barth
3      When the Phoenix Sings by Sue Glasgow
       Beginnings by Pauline Marshall
       Circles by Adele Turner
       Detours by M. Sue Waugh and Teri Milliman
       Parallel Worlds Within the City by Peggy Garvin

Best Cover Art:
1      Rosemarie Hauer for Sensual Candlelight (also nominated
       for White Cover)
2      Teri Milliman for Soulmates, a Never-Ending Dream 4 (also
       nominated for Demons at the Gate)
3      Jan Durr for Huntress 2
       Lawrence Walker for Beyond Dreams
       Inez Brown for Beyond Beginnings I and II, A Heart to
       Hold, and Passion
       Mary Ellen Nicosia for O Sweetest Song (the one ed. by
       Carolyn Kleinsorge)
       Michelle Scott for Parallel Worlds Within the City
       Lynette Combs for Promises Fulfilled
       Anna Deavers Kelley for TunnelCon III
       Pam Tuck for Vincent's World 10
       Lynette Combs for What Light Through Yonder Window



According to Lyn Musacchio, the principal organizer, A Kingdom By
The Sea will be held July 12-14, 1996, at the Norfolk Riverside
Omni hotel in Norfolk VA. Room rates are $74 single/double, $84
for a triple, and $94 for a quad. Registration is $85. For
dealers, table rates are $75. Make all checks and money orders
payable to "A Kingdom By The Sea." For the conzine, guidelines
have already been mailed to many writers and artists, and anyone
is free to submit. Stories are to be Classic, with a romantic
focus, up to an R rating. If you'd like a copy of the guidelines,
want to register now, or want further information, write to Lyn
Musacchio, 36 Norwich Dr., Dalton MA 01226. The art room and
dealers' room, however, have as the only restriction that the
material be B&B related: it need not be Classic to be displayed.
And panels and other activities are planned for those of us who
enjoy 3rd season, although the con's overall theme and
orientation (like those of all other previous cons) is Classic.
This, Nan has on the authority of Trisha Kehoe, in charge of the
conzine and the dealers' room, and of Lyn herself. Pay no
attention to any hurtful rumors to the contrary.

Nan Dibble

       This is the first issue of the Gazette since March, and I
think a few words of explanation are due you all.
       When I began the Gazette two years ago, I had an
invaluable helper on hand--Maxine Mayer, who chipped in on
everything from the filing to the keyboarding to the mailing.
After Maxine returned to New York and "real life," I stumbled
along for another year because I was working as an office temp
and I'd get a day or two (sometimes, disastrously, a month or
two) of unemployment between assignments. Then, I'd catch up on
B&B things. This May, I took on a full-time position--good for my
undernourished finances but very bad for my spare time. No
catch-up periods of unemployment. As of October 1st, this temp
position turned permanent: I've become the secretary and
all-around go-fer for the Occupational Health Department of
Christ Hospital here in Cincinnati. (One reason I couldn't find
such non-temp work before: few people are interested in hiring a
first-rate word processor with a Ph.D.; my current boss, Dr. Mary
Jo Wakeman, a sharp lady indeed, doesn't care so long as the work
gets done.)
       I've kept up with all the other things I do: making tapes,
updating the hotline, answering questions, checking on news and
rumors, writing/publishing/mailing zines, sending out Newcomer
packets. But the Gazette has come to take more time and energy
than I have when working full-time.
       Another problem is that the Gazette had gotten grandiose.
Most issues had pictures, requiring a 20 mile round trip scooter
journey to reproduce); many had material excerpted from other
places, which meant extra keyboarding, formatting, and proofing.
It was all good material, and I wanted to use it. But it
increased the prep time by about half, as compared to just using
my Hotline scripts, that just had to be combined, edited, and
reorganized to be ready to go.
       I have to get simpler. Though I have several articles
about Linda Hamilton and Ron Perlman and things B&B that people
have most kindly sent me, I'm not going to use least
any time soon. The prospect of that much keyboarding, etc., is so
daunting that nothing at all gets done. Getting off work, trying
to make tapes and fill zine orders, I just can't make myself take
on that extra stuff besides. Better to do what I can, and stay
simple, than take on more than I can handle and end up not
producing the Gazette at all, as has been the case, these past
       There's also the fact that once, I was a writer. I haven't
written anything but a couple short stories and a novelette in
two years. That time has to be created from something. I can't
not write. Books are talking to me, and I have to answer or they
won't talk to me anymore. Those of you who are writers will know
what I mean.
       This Gazette wraps up all the still pertinent news since
April 1. But you're still missing issues you legitimately paid
for. So don't renew your Gazette. I'll continue sending you
issues at least through next June, which should satisfy
everybody's current subscriptions, no matter when they were due
to end. Then, come the convention next year (if not before), I'll
decide whether I can continue doing the Gazette on top of
everything else I've taken on, paid or unpaid.
       The Hotline, I'll continue. I'm preparing the Fall Q-fer,
which will be published the end of this month. I'll continue to
make tapes and publish/mail zines and answer questions. Only the
Gazette is in flux. I'll keep it going as long as I can, and at
least until next summer, until all current subscriptions will
have been fulfilled. Each issue will be available at the B&B
website online, as it was before. The Q-fer is also posted there,
free for the downloading. I intend to continue trying, in every
way I can, to be a relay point for information to the Beauty and
the Beast fandom, which has rewarded me so richly with their
friendship and warm Beast wishes.
       I am not going away, quitting, or otherwise regaining my
sanity. I'm just cutting back to what's possible for me, working
with much encouragement but without any steady, on-the-spot help,
as things now stand.
       The Gazette will go back to being what it started out as:
a wrap-up of news that's been on the Hotline, week by week, month
by month. I hope it continues to be useful to you on that basis.
       Other fine newsletters are available. I particularly
recommend the fine monthly put out by Pat Jackson. It's called
The Beauty and the Beast Newsletter and it's $16 a year to the
Southeast Texas B&B Network, 611 Main St., La Marque TX 77568.


Nan's organizing a postcard campaign for Samhain (Halloween, to
the rest of the world). She asks that  everybody, but
particularly those who have rarely or never written before,
collect ten postcards by the end of October. On each, write one
of the following: that you want (1) a movie with Linda Hamilton
or no movie at all (2) you want a movie with Catherine, even if
the part has to be recast (3) you want a movie with Diana (4) you
want a B&B movie, no strings attached, no conditions.
       Wait until the end of the month to send them, as a
celebration of Samhain, when we all know Vincent comes visiting
the world Above in fellowship and safety. Here's the address now,
to use then:

       Republic Pictures,
       Attention: Barbara Bridges
       5700 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 525
       Los Angeles CA 90036

Keep it postcards, please, to distinguish this campaign from any
of the others running, and keep the message short and simple. And
DO WRITE! Especially if you've written rarely or never before. In
general, up to now, the only people who'd write letters were
those who absolutely DIDN'T want one thing or another or who had
absolute conditions on what they'd accept. The moderates, the
people willing to accept any of several alternatives, had no
particular motivation to write, since one thing or another was OK
by them. Those are the people Nan particularly wants to encourage
to write this time: to give the full spectrum of opinion within
this fandom. Stand up, lick stamps, and make a difference this
time so Republic can get a true sense of what the fandom as a
whole really wants, rather than hearing just from extremists of
whatever flavor. 


Richard Roundtree is hosting the new show Cops Live. Season of
Change, co-starring Jo Anderson, came out on video in late May.
She's the gloomy, Bible thumping spouse of a troubled returning
veteran, sure the whole family is going to hell. How right she
       Darlene Sullivan tells us that Cliff de Young, the voodoo
professor from "Dark Spirit," has a recurring role in an
otherwise undistinguished new series, Courthouse. Del Roy Lindo
is in Clockers, a new theatrical movie. Lyn Kramer spotted Lance
Henriksen in House III, also known as The Horror Show, playing a
good guy who lives to the end of the movie and actually smiles!
       There were sightings in the very odd TV movie or pilot (or
whatever it was), White Dwarf. The immortal Lady X was played by
Katie Boyer, who played Lena in "God Bless the Child;" the King
of the Dark was played by Robert Cornthwaite, who discussed a
potbellied stove with Steven Bass in "Down to a Sunless Sea" and
told Brian in "Labyrinths" that he'd committed a great crime,
growing old. He also plays the mayor on Picket Fences.
       Armin Shimerman continues to be a featured character on
DS9; during the series' hiatus, he played Richard III on stage
and has a supporting role in an upcoming Sally Field movie.
       In early May Jay Acovone appeared on ABC in Columbo:
Strange Bedfellows, playing a mobster type named Bruno Romano,
and began filming on a movie called Crosscut, in which he has
about sixth billing--in other words, a good-sized supporting
role. Ron Perlman's gruesome but striking role in When The Bough
Breaks has aired on cable; Tony Longo (Howie in "No Way Down") is
in Angels in the Outfield on pay-per-view/video.
       Other sightings, contributed by helper Maxine Mayer,
include the appearance of Robert Armstrong, who played Elliot
Burch's father in "A Kingdom By the Sea," in a short role at
the beginning of the newish movie Payback, on pay-per-view.
Maxine also reports that Lance Henriksen (Snow) stars opposite a
female martial arts expert in pay-per-view Spitfire.  (He is also
in the newly released Powder - BeastFan) Maxine also found Suzie
Plakson (Diana's sister Susan in "In the Forests of the Night")
in the current movie, Disclosure. And Nan found Stanley Kamel,
who played Elliot's lawyer in "Beggar's Comet," in an interesting
film, Automatic, a futuristic take on the Frankenstein story
featuring cyborgs.
       Robert Pastorelli, the nasty gypsy in "Everything Is
Everything" briefly starred in the short-lived CBS series Double
Rush. Stephen McHattie (Gabriel) was in Deadlocked: Escape from
Zone 14 on FOX and, in October, in Deadly Love, a vampire TV
movie with Susan Dey, on Showtime.
       David Graf (Gregory Coyle in "The Reckoning" and
"Legacies" and RP's companion in Police Academy 7) was in an
episode of Star Trek Voyager, playing Amelia Earhart's surly
       Lewis Smith (Diana's boyfriend Mark) is in In the Line of
Duty: Ambush in Waco, airing on HBO. John Diehl (the pimp from
"The Hollow Men") has a major supporting role in new-to-video
Stargate with Kurt Russell. 
       In the Mouth of Madness, out on video, has Julie Carmen
(Luz Corrales in "Ozymandius") in it. Ren Woods (Edie, 1st
season) was sighted in the movie 9 to 5. 
       Promos for PBS series Buccaneers uses the "Catherine comes
back" theme from "A Happy Life" though the series itself doesn't
use B&B music. Deadly Games, a LIF original movie, has Stephen
McHattie in it.
       B&B people associated with certain TV series have
vanished, almost completely. Jo Anderson is no longer with
Sisters; Roy Dotrice's character was killed off on Picket Fences;
Tony Jay is no longer on Lois and Clark. However James Avery
continues as a regular on Fresh Prince, Armin Shimerman continues
as Quark on the syndicated DS9, and Adrian Paul (Dimitri in
"Ashes Ashes") continues in the syndicated Highlander which
startled its fans by killing off its female lead not long ago.
Deja vu, all over again. New CBS series Almost Perfect features
David Clennon, (Cullen).
       The star of the new Steven Bochco series, Murder One,
Daniel Benzali, is the one who played Brian's unsympathetic
father in "Labyrinths."
       Ron Perlman does the voice of a villainous wizard on the
animated show Fantastic Four, according to Donna Koich (who put
Nan onto the gorgeous animated series Gargoyles, on which most of
the STNG cast are now doing voices). Donna says Tony Jay
sometimes also does a voice on Fantastic Four, as well.


Jack Nicholson's makeup for Wolf was done by Rick Baker, who
designed the makeup for Vincent.

Relayed by Karen Morgia comes some sad news: Pam Sondag, who
publishes Faces of Perlman, has suffered a loss. Her step-son
died  in early August as the result of a suicide attempt that
claimed his life a couple of days afterward. That Pam's stepson
was a grown man with a family of his own doesn't change the shock
and sense of loss few of us can truly imagine but all of us can
sympathize with. We all wish Pam the best in her family tragedy.

Trisha Kehoe (of Vincent's World Press) reports that husband Ray
is recovering well from heart bypass surgery performed on October
7. Send get wells and good wishes to the Kehoes at 108 Columbus
Ave., Apt. #2, Waltham MA 02154.

Gwen Lord, of Helpers' Network UK, is selling B&B birthday cards
drawn and produced by well-known fan artist Rosemarie Hauer.
There are six assorted Classic cards per $5 pack (postage
included). Send cash to Gwen Lord, 6 Meadow Lane, Leasingham,
Sleaford, Lincolnshire, NG34 8LL England.

From Darlene Sullivan comes news of some Emmy nominations and
awards of interest. Don Davis was again nominated for doing the
background music for Seaquest DSV (HE WON!), and Margaret
Beserra, who applied the Vincent makeup, was nominated for doing
the makeup for the series Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman. Darlene also
told us that Lee Holdridge, who composed the B&B theme, did the
music for an original HBO TV movie, Tuskeegee Airmen, a story of
the black air corps with an all star cast. It aired in late

Thanks to Mary Foster, Larry Collins, Marion Kozlowski, Liz and
Sally Perkins, Sandra Orr, Lisa Howard (Nan hopes she hasn't
forgotten anybody), who have provided portions of the
miscellaneous video Nan's now offering, as well as some
additional movies. The miscellaneous tape includes footage of Ron
Perlman's appearance at the convention; convention footage from
SF Buzz; Ron Perlman in the half hour drama "Lightning" from the
series Picture Windows, Linda Hamilton's interview with Regis and
Kathie Lee and with Conan O'Brien, and Linda Hamilton's A
Mother's Prayer. Also on the tape is Ron Perlman in Police
Academy 7: Mission to Moscow.
       For the single tapes, you can have any two of the
following: Ron P in either Captain Zoom or Police Academy 7:
Mission to Moscow or Linda Hamilton in A Mother's Prayer. In
other words, Nan can get any two of these movies on a single
tape. Or any one will fit at SP (2 hour) speed. Any tape is $8.50
to Helpers' Network, 379 Amazon Ave., Cincinnati OH 45220-1148.
This is a true example of helpers working together for the
benefit of everyone and again Nan thanks the contributors most
warmly because they provided things she couldn't have gotten for
herself so she could offer them to others.

From D'vora Pariente comes the word that the total going to
various charities, from A Distant Shore, was approximately
$10,000, including the proceeds of the auctions, the Bruce Abbott
charity bike ride, and donations to Laguna Shanti by individuals
during the convention. 

The June issue of a special edition of Starlog, Starlog Explorer,
focused on music for fantasy and science fiction series. There
was a whole article on OUR B&B, with comments about Don Davis and
Lee Holdridge, several photos of Ron Perlman, Linda Hamilton,
other cast members, and the composers.

Edward Albert also has an audiobook, we learn. It's been out
awhile, but it's still in print. Titled Flight into Danger, it's
by Arthur Haley and John Castle--an airplane disaster story. We
think it may be published by EMI, but we're not positive. Check
your source of audiobooks for info, including price.

The end of June, Gloria Handley's get-together was held in Iowa,
and Jo Anderson was present and hosted both writing panels and a
Q&A. Thanks to the dedication of Sally Newman and the
transportation of helper Mary Reilly, the B&B quilt was at the
mini-con, and Jo signed it. Jo reported that she left the series
Sisters on purpose to devote more time to her play and poetry
writing. A book of hers is coming out soon. However, Gloria
assures us that Jo's withdrawal from Sisters indicates a
withdrawal from acting only until the next good part comes along.

Some news, via Sally Newman, about Caitlin O'Heany (Brigit
O'Donnell in "Masks"). Caitlin was recently bitten up pretty
severely getting her dog out of a dogfight, and things are a bit
thin for her right now. (She will need surgery to have the scars
removed - BeastFan) To help make ends meet, she's become a
commissioned rep of LCI International, an international
long-distance carrier, formerly exclusively a business phone
company, which is now signing up people's private phones. Some of
the inducements to sign up include 6 second billing (rather than
rounding the time off to the nearest minute), a free 800 number,
no monthly fees, no calling circle, no minimums, 1+ dialing (no
long, long numbers), free travel cards, 24-hour operator, 1 cent
a minute on holidays on out of state calls up to 30 minutes. It
all comes with your local phone bill. Savings are reportedly
generally 35% and up for individuals, more for businesses.
Non-profit organizations and businesses get special breaks you
can find out about; if you're interested in that, ask about that
specifically. Any non-commercial signups done through Caitlin,
she'll benefit from. If you're interested in basic information,
send SASE to Sally Newman 10714 Anita Dr., Mason Neck VA


Classified ads printed FREE for anything that can be written on a
3 x 5 card. Ads run once unless renewed.


Lovingly compiled, scrupulously checked, with all current
listings, this directory is your guide to B&B fandom. 225 pages,
$20 to Peg McNabb, 8074 Regency Dr., Nashville TN 37221.

From Therion Press: Once Upon a Winterfest, a digest zine,
contains 3 Classic Winterfest stories plus "In a Dark Time," a
story of the first Winterfest after Catherine's death, all by Nan
Dibble. Once Upon a Winterfest is $6. It's rated PG. Phoenix 6, a
full-sized fourth-season anthology, has two novelettes, ten short
stories, and lots of art and poetry by the usual gang. One
novelette and 2 stories are Nan's. 150 packed pages, the longer
pieces in columns. Phoenix 6 is $20 and is rated PG-13. Order
from Therion Press, 379 Amazon Ave., Cincinnati OH 45220-1148.

Award winning fan artist Sandy Chandler Shelton is offering 2
1996 B&B calendars. Both are Classic. The first, A Distant Shore,
is romantic; the second, Wave of Passion, has fewer clothes but
no frontal nudity. Either calendar is $18 US, $19 CAN, $23 EUR to
Sandy C. Shelton, 6851 Woodlea W., Oscoda MI 48750. Send
business-sized SASE for her small booklet on other products and
artwork, including two very charming young Vincent dolls.

B&B 1996 Calendars from famed fan artist Rosemarie Hauer. Large
format with a dozen pieces of original artwork by Hauer. Specify
Classic or Vincent/Diana. $15 US (air; cash only), ATS 140.00 or
8.00 or $12.00 or DM 20.00 from Europe to:
       Rosemarie Hauer
       Muhlgasse 20/5
       A-2560 Berndorf

Is there a Vincent in the stars for you?

B&B fan, helper, and professional astrologer Eleanor Scheetz
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"We are all a part of one another: sometimes, we forget that."
This inspiring motto of togetherness, illustrated by Kevin
Barnes' handsome gathering of major B&B characters from all
seasons, on a custom white T-shirt. Say phooey to phactions in
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$18.00. Flyer displaying picture available for SASE. Send to
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ONLINE ADS - E-mail to place an online ad.

'BEAUTY AND THE BEAST UK CHAMBER' - the first UK based fan club
for the TV series. Club magazine (The Chronicle) 40+ pages of
member input - stories, articles, reviews, letters, poetry, art,
quizzes & information - March, June, Sept & Dec. Also produce
'The Journal', 16 pages, April, July, Oct, Jan between Chronicles
to keep members up to date. Voted best club magazine for 2 years
since inception of the British Annual Awards. US Membership $22
(US dollars, cash please). Send to: Sheila Waters, 14 Judith
Road, Kettering, Northants NN16 0NX, UK.

MASK: TALES FROM THE UNDERGROUND is a zine exploring the worlds
of "Beauty and the Beast" and "Phantom of the Opera". We
alternate issues between each universe.  There are also zines in
this series featuring all "Beauty and the Beast". Our emphasis is
on well-plotted stories emphasizing Catherine and Vincent's
relationship against the backdrops of the worlds Above and Below.
For detailed flyers send email or send SASE to
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JO ANDERSON FAN CLUB - You are invited to join the Jo Anderson
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Anderson.  Your $15 ($20 overseas) membership includes an 8 X 10
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Journal includes reviews of Miss Anderson's work, both past and
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letters of comment, etc. (submissions accepted).  Updates of Miss
Anderson's current projects will be sent via postcard as
warranted.  Jo Anderson Fan Club, c/o Gloria Handley, 4195
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Gloria Handley).

FLAME AND SHADOW - Flame and Shadow Press Presents:  Flame and
Shadows Volumes I - VIII.  A collection of all season and
alternative Beauty and the Beast stories and poems featuring
artists and authors from America as well as Scotland, England and
Austria.  Submissions are welcome.  Send legal size SASE for
flyers and info to:  Flame and Shadow Press, c/o Gloria Handley,
4195 Rolling Hills, Bettendorf, Iowa  52722.

1994 to honor the actor best known for his roles as Judge
Nicholas Marshall in "Dark Justice", Devin in TV's "Beauty and
the Beast", and the hapless Dr. Dan Cain in the "Re-Animator"
series of movies.  The club, fully sanctioned by Bruce Abbott,
keeps members up-to-date on his career through its quarterly
newsletter, "Dark Prince", which features news, interviews,
answers to members' questions, as well as reviews and rare
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BONDSTORIES IX...CLASSIC LOVE will be available in July 1995.
Editors: Joyce Fuller Kleikamp, Leslie Hunten. Stories, poems and
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DENYING THE DARK - There are an infinite number of moments that
make up a lifetime, or a story.  Some of them are critical; after
those moments, what follows is inevitable. But what if something,
some relatively small thing, were different before one of those
moments? Then everything after is changed..... Suppose for a
moment that Joe Maxwell had worked with Diana Bennett before the
moment when we saw them meet...  Then the moment when Diana
begins her search for Catherine Chandler is changed; Catherine is
missing, and Joe wants Diana to help find her. Of course, Diana
won't be the only one looking for Catherine...  Before the
Moment, written by Lynne Wexler, is an alternate universe novella
featuring Diana and some third season elements. Denying the Dark
is the latest in a series of classic zines brought to you by
fan-writer Debbie Ristick.  Along with the novella come
vignettes, written to please all romantic hearts and
illustrations by several noted fan artists. Rated PG-13.
$16.00 USA, $18.00 Canada, $21.00 foreign, including postage.
Checks payable to Debbie Ristick. Candlelight Publications,
Debbie Ristick -- Lynne Wexler, 1237 W. North Shore #1-D, Chicago
IL. 60626 USA, Telephone 312-743-3297 or E-mail


Lyn Musacchio and her family will be moving on October 31, 1995
to Orlando, Florida.  Her hotline number will be shutdown from
October 26, 1995 until about November 30, and once she has a new
number set up, she will let us know what it is.  She says to keep
using her old snail mail address until she has opened a P. O. box
in Orlando.

Ron Perlman's City of Lost Children opens in theaters on November


A MOMENT IN TIME - an open letter from the 1996 UK Beauty and the
Beast Convention

                   ------VERY URGENT------

Dear Friends Overseas,

We have less than nine [seven] months to "A Moment in Time" the
1996 Beauty and the Beast convention.  This may seem a long time,
and the convention itself a long way off.  However, if you're on
the planning end, like me, it is NO time at all.  If you remember
we asked people to write in and let us know who they wanted
invited as guests.  From your letters we made up a list.  To
date, we have had a definite "yes" from the following (in the
order you voted for them):

Jamie Murray
Roy (and Kay) Dotrice
David Schwartz
Jay Acovone (and Fonda)
Ellen Geer (and Peter)

Also interested in attending are David Greenlee and Ren Woods.

To invite all of the above we need to raise between L1,000 and
L1, 200 per person.  This can only come through registrations and
donations.  Registration deposit is only $10 per person.  Can we
remind you that, come Christmas, we will be making our guest list
up, in order to ensure air fares, etc. are booked.  This will be
done according to the numbers registered by then.

It doesn't matter if 500 people register after January, it will
NOT affect the number of guests we can invite...  What a pity it
would be if we missed the opportunity to meet someone like Jay
for the first time, because registrations would not cover
expenses, only to find that the numbers registering near to the
convention would have made this a possibility.

It's up to you....We have done our part....If you intend to come
to "A Moment in Time" register NOW, and give us the numbers we
need to turn this into a megga event.

                                  Amber James
                                  Convention Manager

Registration and information packages can be obtained by sending
an A4 addressed envelope and 2 IRC's (from your post office) to

Sandra Deville                          Joy Faulkner
51 Howard Road                          207 Callow Brook Lane
Ashmore Park                            Rubery
Wednesfield                             Worcestershire
Wolverhampton                           B45 9TG
WV11 2EY                                England

So please send in your deposit BEFORE Christmas and let them know
you will be attending!