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Images From TunnelCon 3

Here are some images from the 1994 U.S. convention, "TunnelCon 3: A Family Reunion". Just click on the small image to view the bigger version. Because of storage considerations, convention images will be presented here in "collections" of twelve images each. The collections will be rotated occasionally, and some images may appear in multiple collections. I will always make an announcement on the "Changes and Updates" page when I upload a new collection. Enjoy!!


Row 1:

  • Image 1: Myhr (Jamie Murray) and "friend."
  • Image 2: This is the welcome poster for the convention.
  • Image 3: Vincent (Wayne Kelley) and child.
  • Image 4: Edward Albert wearing a Bajoran earring!
Row 2:
  • Image 1: David Greenlee and Edward Albert, Saturday morning in the dealers' room.
  • Image 2: Edward Albert, David Schwartz, David Greenlee and Hydia Broadbent. (Hydia has AIDS. She made national news several years ago when she "married" a little boy because she knows she wont grow up to do that.)
  • Image 3: David Greenlee, David Schwartz and Hydia Broadbent at the auction, taking bids for the (almost) life-sized Vincent doll.
  • Image 4: David Schwartz and Edward Albert clowning around at the auction.
Row 3:
  • Image 1: Hydia Broadbent and Edward Albert at the Sunday celebrity auction.
  • Image 2: The first "Vincent sighting" -- Stu Shef.
  • Image 3: Mike Maloney, of the LA group Carousels and Caverns, wearing Vincent's authentic costume.
  • Image 4: David Greenlee before the Friday talent show.
These photos are provided by Linda Moore. Thanks, Linda!

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