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Images From A Kingdom By The Sea

Here are some images from the 1996 U.S. convention, "A Kingdom By The Sea". Just click on the small image to view the bigger version. Because of storage considerations, convention images will be presented here in "collections" of twelve images each. The collections will be rotated occasionally, and some images may appear in multiple collections. I will always make an announcement on the "Changes and Updates" page when I upload a new collection. Enjoy!!


Row 1:

  • Image 1: Lest we forget - here is a look outside the hotel on early Saturday morning after hurricane Bertha passed near Norfolk.
  • Image 2: Ben Bock and Lisa Howard are shown here in genuine Judy Evans costumes from the show.
  • Image 3: The Candle Ceremony.
  • Image 4: David Greenlee with Sue Haley.
Row 2:
  • Image 1: Eric Tullis as he sells "B&B In Cyberspace" t-shirts.
  • Image 2: Celebrities in costume: David Schwartz, Caitlin O'Heaney, David Greenlee, Judy Shimizu-Martinez, Linda Campanelli and Jay Acovone.
  • Image 3: Jamie Murray holding a piece of art that he did in partnership with fan artist Sandy C. Shelton. Sandy did the sketch on the right, which Jamie transferred to canvas and colored (the piece on the left).
  • Image 4: Caitlin O'Heaney and Jay Acovone at the banquet.
Row 3:
  • Image 1: Judy Shimizu-Martinez at the banquet.
  • Image 2: A group photo from the Laura's Cavern sign language workshop.
  • Image 3: Our favorite emcee, Myhr, armed with camera.
  • Image 4: Myhr in handcuffs, captured by Mulder and Scully (Philip & Julie Smith).
These twelve photos were taken by Sue Haley, who has my endless thanks...

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