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Images From A Moment In Time 1996

Here are some images from the 1996 U.K. convention, "A Moment In Time". Just click on the small image to view the bigger version. Because of storage considerations, convention images will be presented here in "collections" of twelve images each. The collections will be rotated occasionally, and some images may appear in multiple collections. I will always make an announcement on the "Changes and Updates" page when I upload a new collection. Enjoy!!


Row 1:

  • Image 1: Edna Wilson chatting with Roy Dotrice.
  • Image 2: Sue Haley prepared to teach singing in sign language.
  • Image 3: Edna Wilson, Pat Paone and Sharon Scrase practice signing the song.
  • Image 4: Roy Dotrice reads a story.
Row 2:
  • Image 1: Lisa Howard and Jamie Murray.
  • Image 2: Gwen Lord and Roy Dotrice.
  • Image 3: Myrh joins in the disco dancing.
  • Image 4: Edna Wilson, Sandra Deville and Adam Deville as Vincent.
Row 3:
  • Image 1: Jamie Murray watches the dancers.
  • Image 2: Ben Bock and Lisa Howard in the dealers' room.
  • Image 3: Gabriela Holzhausen with her winning portrait of Roy Dotrice.
  • Image 4: Cindy Riddles gets ready to video the proceedings.
These photos were graciously provided by David and Edna Wilson.

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