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Images From Masquerade 3

Here are some images from the 1994 U.K. convention, "Masquerade 3". Just click on the small image to view the bigger version. Because of storage considerations, convention images will be presented here in "collections" of twelve images each. The collections will be rotated occasionally, and some images may appear in multiple collections. I will always make an announcement on the "Changes and Updates" page when I upload a new collection. Enjoy!!


Row 1:

  • Image 1: Opening Ceremony/Q&A with David Schwartz, Roy Dotrice & Myhr
  • Image 2: Close-up of Roy with Diane
  • Image 3: Ruth Merry with David
  • Image 4: The Treatment - given by Myhr & David to Bernadette
Row 2:
  • Image 1: Autograph session - Myhr with Matisse
  • Image 2: Fancy Dress line-up!
  • Image 3: Call My Bluff - Myhr wins the point for fellow team members David & Kevin
  • Image 4: In the Dealers Room with Jackie, Sue, Gwen & Roy
Row 3:
  • Image 1: Close-up of Myhr
  • Image 2: Close-up of David
  • Image 3: Auction - David 'describes' one of the illustrations in a zine for sale!
  • Image 4: Jamie Murray with swollen eyes from wearing the catmask two days in a row
These photos were provided by the ever-so-helpful (and patient!) Sue Haley. Thanks, Sue!

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