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Images From Reflections

Here are some images from the 1997 U.S. convention, "Of Things That Are Not And That Should Be: Reflections On The First Ten Years". Just click on the small image to view the bigger version. Because of storage considerations, convention images will be presented here in "collections" of twelve images each. The collections will be rotated occasionally, and some images may appear in multiple collections. I will always make an announcement on the "Changes and Updates" page when I upload a new collection. Enjoy!!


Row 1:

  • Image 1: Guest Eric Weiss, dresser for male actors on the show, enters with enthusiasm.
  • Image 2: Catherine's Tree (Terry Pepe) at the Costume Party.
  • Image 3: Sally Stanton wearing Sara Conklin's famous Ratcatcher costume.
  • Image 4: Jay Acovone, Eric Weiss, and David Schwartz in shades (as if we wouldn't recognize them?).
Row 2:
  • Image 1: Janice Keenan and Vincent (Lissa Gould).
  • Image 2: Guest Ren Woods.
  • Image 3: Closing Ceremony: con committee and celebrity guests.
  • Image 4: Folks gathered to watch the premiere of Ron Koslow's TV show "Roar".
Row 3:
  • Image 1: Hall of Memories tribute to Sara Conklin.
  • Image 2: David Schwartz and Eric Weiss at the Celebrity Auction.
  • Image 3: Jay Acovone.
  • Image 4: William (Renee Long) at the Costume Party.
These photos were taken by Linda Moore.

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