B&B Music on CD

Music from our show is quite difficult to find in the stores these days. In all the e-mail that I receive from people who browse this page, the question most often asked is a variation of "Where can I buy the B&B soundtrack?"

I don't claim to know about all the recordings that have been done, but in an effort to answer some of your questions, I've put this file together to talk about the various sources of B&B music. These are the facts as I know them now. If I have gotten something wrong, please tell me! Likewise, if you know of a recording that I do not have listed here, please give me all the info you can, and I'll amend this file.

Please note: Unless stated explicitly below, I do not know where you can purchase your own copy of these titles, so please don't ask. I don't know any more than what you see right here. If I discover new sources for any of these titles, I'll let you all know! I promise! :-)

2004 UPDATE: I've left the links and the comments/suggestions below in tact for historical purposes, but I don't think any of these CD's are in print right now. Your best bet for any of them is probably Ebay.

Beauty And The Beast
Of Love And Hope

1989 - CAPITOL CDP 7 91583 2

This is the classic soundtrack album that everybody wants to have! It features wonderful scores from Lee Holdridge and Don Davis as well as classic poetry recited by Ron Perlman (in "Vincent Voice"). This title has recently become available again, which is great news for all those fans who missed it the first time around. It is now released through Republic Entertainment, with a catalog number of 0 17153 81282 4. You can now order this fine collection from your favorite local retailer, or through online mail-order services like Compact Disc Connection and CDnow.

The Film Music Of Don Davis
Hyperspace & Beauty And The Beast


This excellent disc contains about 45 minutes of music that Don Davis wrote for B&B, as well as Holdridge's original main theme. Highlights are Davis' 20-minute "To Reign In Hell" suite and the original, powerful score that was meant to be used for Catherine's death scene in "Though Lovers Be Lost" in lieu of the Holdridge piece that the producers used. This disc is both hard to find and expensive to buy, as Prometheus Records is located in Belgium. You can buy this disc from very good import shoppes like Footlight Records in New York (212-533-1572) or Intrada Records in San Francisco (415-776-1333).

Original Soundtracks
The Beastmaster/Beauty And The Beast


This collection features almost twenty minutes of Lee Holdridge's music from the show, including (again) his main title theme. None of the other works on this disc are duplicates from "Of Love And Hope." This is a promotional disc, but you might still happen across it in one of the better shoppes. This disc also features a nice set of liner notes penned by Holdridge, where he offers this bit of insight into his inspiration for the main theme: "The theme came to me when I was working on the scene where Linda Hamilton as Catherine, having been brought back up to the "real world", slowly turns away from Vincent and walks through a shaft of light pouring down into the basement."