Beauty and the Beast Trivia
from Nancy Curles

1. How many episodes were there of BATB?
(55 total)

2. When was Catherine's finding day?
(April 12, 1987)

3. Where was Catherine found?
(Central Park)

4. Who played Catherine Chandler?
(Linda Hamilton)

5. Who played Vincent?
(Ron Perlman)

6. What were the original years that BATB was aired for the very first time and on what station?
(1987-1990, CBS)

7. Who was initially behind the destruction of the old folks home in "Siege"?
(Elliot Burch)

8. What was the name of the foster home that Eric and Ellie were taken away from in "A Children's Story"?
(Ridley Hall)

9. Who did Catherine work for after her attack in Central Park?
(Joe Maxwell, Assistant DA)

10. Who wrote the book _300 Days_ in "Masques"?
(Bridgit O'Donnell)

11. Which character did Tony Jay play in BATB?
(John Pater a.k.a Paracelsus)

12. Who taught Catherine how to street fight in the Pilot eps. after her attack?
(Isaac Stubbs)

13. What was Catherine's gift to Vincent on their first anniversary?
(her mother's rose given to her as a child)

14. What is Beauty and the Beast?
(a romantic fairy tale told by many people)

15. In which eps. does Catherine sing her lullaby to Ellie?
("Ashes, Ashes")

16. What was found in Smythe's bookstore?
(a first edition of Tennyson)

17. Whose painting was used of Vincent and Catherine in "When the Bluebird Sings"?

18. In which eps. does the Winterfest ceremony take place?
("Dead of Winter")

19. On which corner did Catherine meet Henry Pei in "China Moon"?
(51st and Lexington)

20. Which hospital was Vincent found outside of according to the pilot episode?
(St. Vincent's)

21. Which law school did Catherine attend?
(Radcliffe, Columbia Law School)

22. What was the name of the escort service that Carol worked for in the pilot episode?

23. In the pilot episode who portrayed the part of Larry?
(David Schwartz)

24. What is one of Vincent's modes of transportation?
(riding on top of subway cars)

25. What was the name of the cleaning lady in "Terrible Savior"?
(Mrs. Dalby)

26. In which episode does Edie state: "Push button food, push button job, soon as they come out with push button men I'm set babe."?
("Terrible Savior")

27. What is the name of the library that Catherine visits to get information about the Seaman's Safe Haven?
(Bennett Historical library)

28. Whose granddaddy was a share cropper in Alabama at the time of the murders which happened in the Seaman's Safe Haven?
(Jason Walker, head of the Protectors)

29. In what episode does Catherine mention the Mets?
("Terrible Savior")

30. Where does Vincent almost fall through during the episode "Terrible Savior"?
(the Whispering Gallery)

31. What is too deep and dangerous to see about where the body of Jason Walker is?
(the Abyss)

32. What was Elliot Burch's first episode of Beauty and the Beast?

33. From which episode does Vincent tell Catherine to "follow her heart"?

34. What does Elliot leave on Catherine's desk after their first date?
(a dozen red roses)

35. What did Elliot bring to Catherine's office for lunch?
(lobster, fresh rasberries and cream, champagne)

36. Who wants to dance in the dark with Catherine in the episode "Siege"?
(Leo Mundy)

37. What baseball team does Edie want tickets for from Catherine's dad in the episode "Siege"? (the Mets)

38. How long did Margaret's ad in the newspaper run in "Song of Orpheus"?
(7 days)

39. What did Vincent find in Father's closet?
(a wedding picture w/a letter behind it)

40. What was Father accused of being a member of during the 1950's?
(the Communist Party)

41. What is Father's real name?
(Dr. Jacob Wells)

42. What was Joe eating at 9:00am in the office?
(chocolate cheese nuggets)

43. When Catherine was in the 6th grade in which school play did she have the lead?
(Joan of Arc)

44. In "the Alchemist" how was Paracelsus paid?
(with gold coins)

45. What is John Pater clipping when Father approaches him in "the Alchemist"?
(unknown answer)

46. In what eps. do we first see the retractable blade of Paracelsus?
("the Alchemist")

47. What was the ultimate punishment imposed upon Paracelsus in "the Alchemist"?
(he was exiled from the tunnels)

48. In "Dark Spirit" what are the tombs?
(the jail that Hector Okala was in)

49. In which eps. does Joe ask Catherine if she wants "to go down in legal history next to the twinkie defense"?
("Dark Spirit")

50. In "Dark Spirit" who is Baca?
(a voodoo demon)

51. What is the only eps. in which Father calls Catherine Cathy?

52. What is the condition that Catherine puts onto her acceptance of Elliot's proposal in "Ozymandias"?
(to halt construction on the Burch Tower)

53. In which episode does Joe ask Catherine about her biological clock ringing?
("A Children's Story")

54. In the episode "A Children's Story" what does Edie pull from her purse in the office?
(bedroom slippers)

55. In the question above what was Edie originally looking for to eat?
(a diet wafer)

56. In "A Children's Story" what does the letters BYH stand for?
(Bridgemont Youth House a foster facility)

57. What did Vincent find outside of Catherine's apartment building in "To Reign in Hell"?
(a gold coin)

58. Who are the three people who go in search of Catherine in "To Reign in Hell"?
(Vincent, Pascal, Winslow)

59. Who shows up unexpectedly to help out with her bow and arrow?

60. Who is not especially fond of heights?

61. Who should have gone on a diet?

62. Whose early manuals were brilliant with codes and schematics?

63. According to the episode "To Reign in Hell" what is the truth beyond knowledge, beyond everything we'd ever hope to know?

64. What story did Catherine read at her father's funeral in the episode "Orphans"?
(Velveteen Rabbit)

65. Who was Charles Chandler's secretary?

66. What significance did a red clown's nose have for Catherine?
(her father would wear it and say "don't laugh, don't laugh!" to try and cheer her up when she was sad)

67. What did Catherine want to do in the park especially after her mom died?
(she wanted to climb trees)

68. In which episode does Catherine kiss Vincent on the lips and says Thank You?

69. Which episode does Vincent enter Catherine's apartment for the very first time?
("An Impossible Silence")

70. What floor does Catherine live on in her apartment?
(18th floor)

71. In which episode do Vincent and Catherine celebrate their first anniversary?

72. In what episode does Catherine accuse Joe of "acting like a moonstruck teenager who won't do his homework"?

73. In "Temptation", what is Joe arrested for?
(possession of narcotics)

74. How many episodes was Paracelsus in?
(7 episodes)

74. pt.2 Can you name the episodes?
("The Alchemist", "To Reign in Hell", "Remember Love", "Dead of Winter", "What Rough Beast", "Ceremony of Innocence")

75. Where does Catherine want to take Vincent in a dark van?
(to a glenn in Connecticut)

76. What is the name of the episode where Catherine shows Vincent what his world would be like if he did not exist?
("Remember Love")

77. What is the first episode that we find out that Dr. Peter Alcott and Catherine know each other?
("Ashes, Ashes")

78. What is the name of the disease that Dimetri brought to the tunnels from Russia?
(Bubonic or Pneumonic Plague)

79. What does Benny the sandwich man give Catherine to eat "on the house"?

80. How long has Peter been a Helper and known about the tunnel community?
(since the beginning, Peter and Jacob went to medical school together)

81. When Ellie died in "Ashes, Ashes" how did everyone say goodbye to her?
(they wrote letters and burned them in a fire over the Mirror Pool)

82. What was Paracelsus' address when Father went to see him Above?
(666 Sutton Place)

83. What was the building number of Smythe's bookstore in "When the Bluebird Sings"?

84. Who made the Winterfest candles?

85. Why is Father looking forward to Winterfest?
(There are still a few Helpers he can still beat in playing chess)

86. What was the question that Catherine asked Vincent in the episode "Dead of Winter"?
("Do you dance?")

87. In the episode "God Bless the Child" who lives at 989 Ave.C?
(Maurice at the penthouse)

88. Who was found at 1157 39th Street Apt. 202?

89. What makes Edie's eyes water in the episode "Terrible Savior"?

90. Where do they have the movie Vampire Cheerleaders in the episode "Where the Bluebird Sings"?
(the video store next to the bookstore)

91. What does Kristopher Gentian wish to do to Catherine in the episode "When the Bluebird Sings"?
(make her immortal by painting her picture)

92. In what year did Radcliffe college go Coed?

93. How does Kristopher Gentian know Vincent's name when Catherine did not tell him in "When the Bluebird Sings"?
(answer unknown)