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The first episode of Beauty and the Beast, "Once Upon a Time in the City of New York", aired on September 25, 1987. The final episode, "Invictus", aired on January 24, 1990. "In the Forests of the Night", "The Reckoning", and "Legacies" were the "lost episodes" and were not aired until the summer of 1990.

Beauty and the Beast Cast

Vincent: Ron Perlman. Catherine: Linda Hamilton. Father: Roy Dotrice. Joe Maxwell: Jay Acovone. Diana: Jo Anderson. Mouse: David Greenlee. Pascal: Armin Shimmerman. Elliot Burch: Edward Albert. Edie: Ren Woods. Gabriel: Stephen McHattie. Paracelsus: Tony Jay.

Episode Descriptions
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1. "Once Upon a Time in the City of New York"
When corporate lawyer Catherine Chandler is attacked and left unconscious by thugs, a kindly man-beast whisks her away to his subterranean world beneath Manhattan. Recovering in the opener, Catherine joins the DA's office and encounters her underground friend again when a case she's handling gets hairy.

2. "Terrible Savior"
A beastlike vigilante is killing subway criminals and Cathy suspects Vincent.

3. "Siege"
Vincent's heart begins to break when Catherine gets involved with a wealthy bachelor -- until the case she's working on starts to bend cupid's arrow.

4. "No Way Down"
Vincent is wounded and trapped above ground in Manhattan when Catherine is caught in a cross fire during a gang war.

5. "Masques"
It's All Hallow's Eve and Vincent risks venturing above ground, hoping he'll blend in with the garishly costumed crowds. His destination: a masked ball, where he hopes to meet an Irish writer and peace activist he admires. But also on her trail are masquerading enemies hoping to silence her.

6. "The Beast Within"
A former tunnel kid and childhood friend of Vincent's is released from prison, and Cathy is assigned to look into his dealings, unaware that his lust for power endangers her life.

7. "Nor Iron Bars a Cage"
Catherine agonizes over a plum job offer in another state -- until two ambitious anthropologists capture Vincent.

8. "Song of Orpheus"
A mysterious ad in the personals column summons Father above ground, where he walks into a Kafkaesque nightmare and is arrested for murder.

9. "Dark Spirit"
Voodoo artists cast a killing spell on members of the business community, drawing Catherine into their black magic and turning her against Vincent.

10. "A Children's Story"
Foster children are disappearing and, when one of the tunnel kids witnesses the abuse of young runaway, Vincent calls on Catherine to help.

11. "An Impossible Silence"
Dirty cops are pedaling cocaine, and when a deaf girl from the tunnels see on of them murder someone, Vincent goes to Catherine for help.

12. "Shades of Grey"
Vincent and Father get trapped in an Underground Chamber, and when one of the tunnel kids needs special mining equipment to rescue them, Catherine turns to a man that she recently spurned.

13. "China Moon"
Chinatown's ancient traditions claim an apothecary's granddaughter for an arranged marriage, but when she flees to the tunnels with her true love, disaster strikes.

14. "The Alchemist"
An alchemist, long exiled from the tunnels but still hiding below, sells a deadly hallucinogenic drug in the city above, while Vincent and Father try to stop him.

15. "Temptation"
The law firm representing the crook Maxwell's prosecuting sics a beautiful lawyer on him to "soften his resolve" -- and Maxwell falls to her hook, slime, and sinker.

16. "Promises of Someday"
The DA's office hires a new lawyer to work on a case with Catherine, who discovers that he is an impostor with a mysterious connection to Vincent's underground world.

17. "Down to a Sunless Sea"
Catherine's ex-fiance reappears after five years, and news of his terminal illness draws her toward him, despite Vincent's warnings to stay away from the man.

18. "Fever"
Mouse discover an old ship full of priceless treasures moored in a cavern of the tunnels, triggering a flood of deadly gold fever.

19. "Everything is Everything"
Catherine is conned by a Gypsy boy who steals more than her heart, and then seeks her help to restore him back to his clan; which has declared him "dead".

20. "To Reign in Hell"
Catherine is kidnapped by a follower of the evil genius paracelsus, who has returned to seek revenge against Vincent and who hopes to unseat Father as patriarch of the tunnels.

21. "Ozymandias"
Elliot Burch begins excavation for a skyscraper, which threatens the tunnel world, prompting a desperate Catherine to consider accepting Burch's marriage proposal.

22. "A Happy Life"
Catherine's loneliness on the anniversary of her mother's death deepens with the realization that she and Vincent can never be together. So Vincent decides to end her pain by ending their relationship in this powerful first season finale.


23. "Chamber Music"
In the second-season opener, Vincent and Catherine try to salvage a piano prodigy, once sheltered in the tunnels, who turned to drugs after suffering a mysterious personal tragedy.

24. "Remember Love"
A Compassionate angel helps Vincent cope with his bitterness by showing him that life without him wouldn't be too wonderful for the tunnel dwellers.

25. "Ashes, Ashes"
Vincent brings an ailing Soviet merchant seamen down to the tunnels where Father discovers that the man is carrying a plague.

26. "Dead of Winter"
Paracelsus, disguised as one of the guests at Winterfest, has some explosive plans for disrupting the festivities.

27. "God Bless the Child"
Catherine brings an ex-prostitute about to give birth down to the tunnels, where Father delivers her baby and she falls in love with Vincent.

28. "Sticks and Stones"
A deaf woman raised in the tunnels but living above joins a gang whose violent leader Catherine wants apprehended.

29. "A Fair and Perfect Knight"
Catherine welcomes a young man from the tunnel world who's hoping to persue his education, which turns out to include some bitter lessons about life and love.

30. "Labyrinths"
A teenager follows Catherine into the tunnels, where Vincent and the tunnel dwellers must decide whether the youth can keep their world a secret.

31. "Brothers"
A deformed man escapes from his life as a carnival freak with the help of a former tunnel dweller, and Vincent offers a sympathetic hand to the suffering man.

32. "A Gentle Rain"
Catherine has an ethical dilemma when a women recognizes a well-respected family man from the tunnels as the same man who was charged with manslaughter in the death of her 16 year old son.

33. "The Outsiders"
Infiltration of the tunnels by a band of violent outsiders brings out Vincent's uncontrollable dark side.

34. "Orphans"
Catherine is overcome with grief when her father dies and, as Vincent consoles her, she considers moving to the tunnel world.

35. "Arabesque"
A famous dancer, on the run from her ex-lover's henchmen, takes refuge in the tunnels, but her presence evokes shameful memories for Vincent.

36. "When the Blue Bird Sings"
An eccentric artist enters Catherine's life, but an investigation into the strange man's background indicates that he died two years ago.

37. "The Watcher"
Catherine is threatened by a lecherous "watcher" with deadly visions.

38. "A Distant Shore"
A continent divides Catherine and Vincent after Catherine goes to Los Angeles to find a women in the music business who might have information about a murder.

39. "Trial"
As the prosecutor in a fatal child-abuse case, Catherine battles her own feelings in the trial, while contending with the accused's wife, who's too afraid of her abusive husband to reveal the truth.

40. "A Kingdom by the Sea"
A probe into an attempted murder brings Elliot Burch back into Catherine's life, and she risks her life to help him.

41. "The Hollow Men"
Vincent witnesses a savage murder by two preppies who kill for pleasure, but when Catherine can't convict them, Vincent pursues his own form of justice.

42. "What Rough Beast"
An "anonymous source" tips off a hard boiled reporter about Catherine and Vincent, and as the reporter probes a series of gruesome deaths linked to Catherine, Vincent begins to confront the beast within himself.

43. "Ceremony of Innocence"
Vincent's dark side looms ever closer when he hears a version or the story of his birth and even Catherine can't seem to ease his suffering.

44. "The Rest is Silence..."
Vincent's confrontation with the violent side of his nature reaches a climax, and only Catherine can possibly save him from his darker self, in this delightful edge-of-your-seat second season finale.


45. "Though Lovers be Lost"
Beauty and the Beast picks up where the second season left off in this pivotal, pulse-pounding, extremely dark two-hour episode, in which Catherine and Vincent confront their desires and face a deadly new villain.

46. "Walk Slowly"
In the wake of recent events, an NYPD investigator begins her work while Vincent collects his thoughts and realizes what his own course of action should be.

47. "Nevermore"
Vincent contacts Elliot and reveals their mutual connection to Catherine, and Elliot in turn encourages Joe to keep looking for clues in the case, even though death seems to lurk around every corner.

48. "Snow"
Gabriel hires an icy assassin to hunt down Vincent, while Diana takes her first peek at the tunnels.

49. "Beggar's Comet"
Vincent leaves the tunnels to continue his quest for vengeance against Gabriel, who offers Elliot a chance to regain his wealth and power by betraying Vincent.

50. "A Time to Heal"
Diana meets Vincent face to face as she aids in his recuperation, while Father contacts Joe after he resolves to go above and find Vincent.

51. "In the Forests of the Night"
The lost prodigy, Rolley, returns to the tunnels near death from a cocaine overdose. In a fit of rage, Vincent destroys a drug lab which Diana discovers was owned by Gabriel.

52. "The Chimes at Midnight"
Diana is captured by Gabriel who instructs her to tell Vincent his child is dying.

53. "Invictus"
In the climatic final episode of Beauty and the Beast, Gabriel has imprisoned Vincent, who alone has the power to save his dying son.

54. "Reckoning"
In this lost episode, a woman Father once loved draws him from the tunnels while a psychopath is killing the helpers.

55. "Legacies"
The last look at this remarkable show sees a psychopathic killer burying Father alive, leaving Vincent precious minutes to stop the killer and save Father.