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Once upon a time, there was a television show known as Beauty and the Beast. The lovely Beauty was Vincent and the magnificent Beast was Catherine Chandler. (Or was that the other way around?) This beautiful show lasted not quite 3 seasons, yet the fandom continues.   

If you are looking for fandom, check out the Yahoo Groups. The BBTV yahoo group is one of the most active lists in fandom. BBTV is a Classic group (Catherine is alive and well, season 3 a bad dream.) If you are looking for the season 3 group, the Yahoo list can point you in the right direction.

If you are looking for Chandler’s artwork, you will find it (and other BB artists) through the Deviant Art link.

Chandler's Favorite Fandom Places To Be
Joe & Cathy
BBTV Google group
A discussion list originally created by
Aurea at RTCHAOS
Lively chatter –Classic List
(No discussion of the 3rd Season)

Chan artwork: Vincent and Catherine kiss
Chandler’s artwork is here:
An art community where my art is displayed along with other B&B artists.  I collect them in “my favorites” section. 

Winterfest Online
Yearly mid-winter week-long
online celebration

Note:  Winterfest Online is an event co-operatively hosted on multiple websites for the enjoyment of ALL fans.

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The Beauty and the Beast

Statues, costumes, jewelry, puzzles, toys… you name it, we have it.  Browse our gallery.
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The Beauty and the Beast
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An eternal flame burns here in memory of those who have been, and forever remain, a part of the circle.
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Songs of the Blue Bird
Created by Eric Tullis in 1995
Beauty and the Beast’s
First Website welcomed many of us to online fandom. (Archive mode)
Includes Father’s Online Library
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No recent news, but here's our archive of the various releases.
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