A Question of Love
by Carrie Schneider

Why are you here?
To cultivate my mind
and make my insides blossom
to create a ring in my ears
piercing my silence.

To make me moan with pleasure
by your hidden smile.
Do you think you know me?
Do you?

How did this come about?
That I was the one you choose,
along the ocean waves of  bridled haze,
majestic in the pearl moon.

My eyes aglow
from the beauty of a shiny rose,
and dancing lilies in a pond.

Puddles of murky gray
cast their dismal rays upon my soul.
Yet, the revealing glow of your smile,
dissolves the sadness for awhile.

Overflowing exuberance
illuminates my soul!
You are my wick,
Light my candle-
Make me burn!


About the Author:

C.C.S. is the pen name for Carrie Colleen Schneider, feeling that
her name would be a mouthful when said, prefers her initials. 
This is her first poem online, although she has written and
published non-BATB material before.  She is an avid fan of BATB
from the beginning, and loves to read fiction produced by other

Please send any e-mail comments to CC412@aol.com.  Any and all
are welcome!