"sanctuary" is a poem I imagine Vincent writing shortly
after Catherine's death.


what is there left to say
i have no words to tell the tale
if only i had wings to fly away
or even ship and sea that i could raise my sail
but i've no wings, no ship, no sea... only this chain
so i find sanctuary deep within
a haven safe from hurt and pain
but all alone, again.

* * * * * * * * *

"stars" is set at about the same time and I have also
written it as though from Vincent's heart.


so infinate and far
the essence of
what dreams are
shine just beyond my reach
too far for me to grasp
too wonderful to be
too much for me to ask
whispering to me
stop wishing for the past
that sparkle in their beauty
reminding me of life,
of hopeless dreams,
of duty.

* * * * * * * * *

"pearls" is written by Vincent about Catherine, though
it is some time after her death. At this point he is
past the rage and despair, but not the loss...


i look over each glistening orb of time...
the pearls of precious moments spent with you
and one by one i string them on a line
of silvery silken thread, and memories view
with trembling fingers filled with gratitude
i lift the treasured irridescent strand
and clinging to it, in this solitude
our hearts connect, all time and distance spanned
then for a fleeting instant i can sense
your thoughts on me, can feel your heart's embrace
but dissipating after one swift glimpse
to leave the shades of longing on my face
and if i find the dreams i dream have died
i place the strand so carefully 'round my throat
against my skin, beneath my clothes to hide
next to my heart, to spark the fire of hope...
the hope that there are still more pearls to grasp
more precious moments left for us... somewhere...
where hearts are true and time is made to last
and tomorrow's tenderness is ours to share.