Beauty and the Beast
    by Lisa Dormon

The shadow approached the unconscious body
She'd been beaten and cut, and then left there to die
At night in the park, he knew he should hurry
He felt all her pain, and he wanted to cry.

He lifted her gently and wrapped his cloak round them
He carried her down to his home, far Below
To a world full of dreams and impossibilities, 
To his father, once a doctor, a long time ago. 

Carefully they treated her cuts and her bruises 
Although she was frightened, she knew she was safe
Softly he read her old classic stories, 
Great Expectations, took her mind off her face

For days she rested, guessing her surroundings,
'Til one day she could stand it no more, 
With trembling fingers she took off the bandages
Wincing slightly, she let them fall to the floor.

She blinked in the dim light, her eyes darting wildly,
She needed to see, she just had to know,
Searching the shelving she found a brass surface, 
And then her reflection she saw in its glow

"Catherine!" she heard as he entered the room suddenly,
Concerned for her safety she felt in her soul,
But there stood a creature unlike any other,
Frighten she screamed and hurled him the bowl.

Wounded and hurt he left his own chamber,
Leaving her stunned, shocked and amazed.
Several hours later he return there to find her,
Seated, and saddened but quite unafraid. 

Quietly he told her, of his existence, 
The baby abandoned at a hospital door, 
Of the man that had found him, the one they called Father
Of this place underground, of helping the poor

Slowly he passed her, her original clothing,
It was time to leave, she had to go home, 
Return to the world of business and meetings,
The world far removed from that of his own.

He lead her through tunnels, past people with nothing,
Through walkways and passages older than time.
He stopped at a ladder, that led to her basement,
And sadly indicated that's where she should climb.

Unwilling to leave him, she held him quite tightly,
And realised she'd never feel the same way again.
He had risked his own life, to save a complete stranger,
To correct all that hurt, to remove all the pain.

Reluctantly he left her, feeling her panic,
At the thought of returning to her world of Above.
But knowing her strength would never desert her,
And realising slowly, he'd fallen in love.

She remembered him later, as she lay in bed dreaming,
His features so clear, his eyes burning bright
Then felt his presence she did deep down inside her, 
A shining white candle of pure brilliant light

She saw him again, several months later
Once she'd been healed by the doctors Above
Saw him the man, the one they called Vincent
And realised quite suddenly she'd fallen in love.

As the time passed, they grew closer and closer
Their Bond between them growing as well
Through trouble and danger, he was her protector
Feeling her feelings, as clear as a bell.

This is the story of love never ending, 
A love that grows stronger, never wanes in the least
This is the story of Catherine and Vincent
The story we love called "Beauty and the Beast".

May 1997

About the Author:

Lisa Dormon sent me this wonderful poem with
a note saying that this was her first attempt EVER
at writing something to share with anyone else. Lisa
would love your comments (and I hope you all
encourage her to write more!). Her e-mail address is: