Devin, the lost soul 
    by Martha Carothers
A boy, who is to be motherless after his birth,
Won't know until later how she left this Earth.
She was a good woman, her name was Grace,
She was born with inner beauty and a wise face.
She never knew how he was treated,
I guess the Father just felt defeated.
When he was in his teens he ran away,
The Father not knowing why he didn't want to stay.
He left with his clasp knife and his scars,
He wanted to see mountain's and lay under the stars.
They searched for him for months but found no trace,
And the Father said, "Oh, my dear Grace."
Vincent, his brother, was really sad,
Because he was the only brother that he had.
Twenty years later, as you might have guessed,
Just to see Vincent was his only request.
He dreamed of the tunnels where he played as a boy,
And dreamed of Vincent and felt great joy.
He had been north of Shangri-La and South of Oz,
Now he was going home, knowing well the cause.
He grew up to have many a profession,
And it hurt him when he had to make this confession,
And the Father also had a few things to tell,
That he was Devin's father, "Jacob Wells".
It made Devin's heart sing to know,
That his Father's love, he is willing to show.
He knows the tunnels are where he grew up,
And he know that the good memories would fill his cup,
It will take years to cure the pain,
But he knows now, he has a home again.
About the Author 
The author, Martha Carothers, lives in Dalton Georgia. She is a mother of
four grown children. They have made her a grandmother of twelve and
great-grandmother of two and counting!  She has worked at Shaw Industries
for the past 16 years, a carpet manufacturer for which her town is famous.
She has been involved with Beauty and the Beast for the past seven years and
has every episode on tape. She is also a member of several fan clubs.  She
depends on her clubs, magazines, and anything else available to provide her
with opportunities to order B and B "stuff". She has a huge scrapbook and is
always looking to add more to it.  Martha is a loving, generous person and
believes that we are all kindred
spirits when it comes to our Beauty and the Beast. This is her first online
contribution which is pretty amazing since she doesn't even own a computer.
Way to go, Martha, keep those poetic thoughts flowing!

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