Reprinted with permission from "The Chronicle," the Beauty and 
the Beast UK Chamber magazine.  (If anyone is interested in this 
club please email  
This story was inspired by some very nice submissions to the 
Chronicle written by various authors in the style of "Letters to 
Catherine".  I had wondered what Vincent would do on Halloween 
after Catherine was no longer with him.  I came late to B&TB (the 
first episodes I saw were the second season trilogy) and I'm an 
all seasons fan although I do have a few reservations about 
season 3. 
Dawn touched the sky Above with the first tendrils of light. 
Below it was un-naturally still, even the pipes had ceased their 
persistent chatter.  Vincent sat at his table, the darkness held 
at bay by a single candle lit hours before and nearing its end. 
Pensively he read what he had written.  
Dearest Catherine, 
Sleep again eludes me. Perhaps its a blessing because my dreams 
when I do sleep are dark and troubled.  Earlier this evening, on 
this special night "when the wall between the worlds grows thin", 
I climbed to the top of a high building.  From my vantage point I 
looked back on fond memories - of the night we met Bridgit 
O'Donnell - of the time I walked unchallenged in your world and 
experienced first hand some of the wonders of this city which has 
given me joy and despair in equal measure.  
Truly that was a magical time and yet, it pales into 
insignificance when I compare it to the gift of your love.  You 
made me whole.  Without your love I am more alone than ever, and 
yet, I am not alone.  I feel your presence and instinctively 
reach out to hold you, as if our love can transcend any barrier 
to permit us to be together on this night of magic and throughout 
eternity.  I know this cannot be but my thoughts are with you, 
Peace my love, 
With great deliberation he reached out and touched the corner of 
the letter to the guttering candle flame.  Smoke rose in lazy 
spirals.  As the ashes charred and crumbled, Vincent stiffened 
slightly, listening.  
Softly he whispered, "Soon my Love; your son needs me now but 
when the time is right I will.......".  At the sound of his 
father's voice the baby stirred and settled back to sleep with a 
contented sigh.  
-- End --