You Come

You come, when you feel my fear
to protect me.
You come, when you feel my grief
to comfort me.
Why don't
You come, when you feel my desire
to love me?

(Born by frustration with Vincent and Catherine's relationship in 
the second season when it didn't progress)


The Call

Nobody says my name like you
It's like a prayer
I can hear all your love
Flowing through each letter.

When you say my name
It's like a spell, which leads me
To another world,
Where we stay together.

When you call my name
I wouldn't stay away
Even from death.
So call my name
And I am with you forever.

Whisper my name.
Call out my name.
And I hear you across the city,
Across the continent.

(Inspired by the way Vincent says "Catherine")

About the author

Ina Schaefer has been a fan of Beauty and the Beast since 1988,
when it started in Germany, where she lives.  She attended
conventions in Germany and England and hopes to visit one in the
USA someday.  Ina was an active member of the former German fan
club "The Tunnel Community".  She greatly enjoys stories of all
seasons and would love to hear any comment you have.  
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