She Walks In Silence - By Donna A. Lordi 
She walks in silence 
softly stepping 
In the spots where 
he has graced--- 
He sees her not, 
only catching  
faint glimpses of her 
Beauty through 
his mind, 
through memories 
falling again.  
She walks in death, 
her hands  
grasping at his 
and at their son, 
wiping tears 
from his cheek. 
He walks in death too, 
his spirit crumbling 
as he tries to see without 
from inside his cave.  
She walks beside him, 
always there, 
ghost-smile on 
her face. 
She is silent 
with her voice, 
But her love 
cries out to him 
About the Author 
Donna A. Lordi is an America Online member and is an English 
major, hoping to go to graduate school, and is a hopeful writer.  
She wrote "She Walks in Silence" after watching "Though Lovers Be 
Lost", the episode where Catherine dies.  She says "I think if 
her and Vincent really shared that psychic link or whatever it 
was, it would last beyond death."  Food for thought....