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Changes and Updates

07 September 2004

I had to find a new home for this page, so I took the opportunity to blow some of the dust out of the page and refresh some of the info. I hope you find the changes useful. Countless thanks to Chandler for providing a new place for the "Blue Bird" to land.
19 June 2000
Since Real Life has kept me away from this page for many months, and since our online fandom is now filled with many wonderful web pages, I have transitioned Songs of the Blue Bird to an "archive" mode. It will no longer be updated. I have no plans to remove the page, mind you! It will simply stand as is (aside from some little wording tweaks here and there) to hopefully continue to serve as a signpost for new fans, as well as a snapshot of a very different time in my life as a fan of the show. Many thanks go out to everyone who supported this page in its early days, as well as all who come to visit in the future.
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