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The Romantic Drama

Here are some informational files about the tv show that has inspired this vibrant fandom:

A Beauty & the Beast Movie?

Believe it when you see it! The current status on our much-hoped-for Beauty & the Beast movie/miniseries is not that encouraging right now, I'm afraid. Check here for the latest info I have.
Music From the Show
B&B Music On CD: Without a doubt, the majority of the questions that I get asked by folks who browse this page deal with the retail availability of music from the show. I hope this link will answer some of those popular questions, and maybe enable you to locate some of this wonderful music for yourself!

Lyrics to "The First Time...": Here's another much-requested item - the lyrics to the song "The First Time I Loved Forever".

MIDI file for "The First Time...": Created by fellow Hoosier fan Darrell Steinbarger, here is a MIDI file for "The First Time I Loved Forever".

The Opening Theme: Click here to download the opening theme from the show, which includes the spoken bits from Vincent and Catherine! This file is in .au format.

Episode Guides
The Blue Bird Guide: This is a well-rounded episode guide containing good plot details and some production details. I'll be filling out the production details some more as time goes on.

Of Love And Hope 1.03: This guide was posted to Of Love And Hope when the digest was in its infancy. It has good production details, but no plot details to speak of. It's more of a checklist, really.

TV Guide Plot Listings: Here's a fun read! This is a file containing the TV Guide plot listings for all the eps.

Cast and Character Table: While not an episode guide, this table from Sue Haley is still a valuable resource. It contains the names of all the actors and actresses that have participated in B&B episodes, along with the names of their characters and the specific episodes they were in! The file is in MS Word format.

Essays and Articles
Beauty and the Books: Here is an article penned by Jeanette C. Smith that looks at the literary content of Beauty and the Beast.
Other Information
Episode Trivia: Nancy Curles has compiled an ever-growing list of trivia questions based on the episodes. How many can YOU answer?
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