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Mailing Lists and Other Forums

Here is partial list of many of the on-line forums and resources that are available to our fandom. Please inform me of any that I have missed, or any addresses that need to be updated or changed.

Yahoo! Groups

Most of the substantive B&B discussion online these days happens on various Yahoo! Groups. Here is a rundown of the most popular:

BBTV: This group started out as a mailing list (beautybeast-tv) created by Aurea Andino. It was a majordomo mail reflector list that also served as a two-way gateway to the usenet group alt.tv.beauty+beast (this newsgroup still exists on most services, although the B&B content is a bit light).

Tunnel Dreams: This list started out on the onelist.com service before Yahoo! took over the onelist mailing lists. This group is based on "fairness and respect for all." Subscribers of all views are invited to discuss, make friends, or just "tunnel-talk". Nothing is off-topic, and a caring atmosphere is encouraged.

Kayla's Caverns: The information pipeline for Classic fans of TV's Beauty and the Beast. A tunnel-ish place to meet, network and Keep the Dream Alive. All-Season fans are welcome as long as 3S is posted in the subject line. No graphic content, please. This group was formerly the "CABB Connections" list.

Defunct Mailing Lists
Father's Online Library: Lisa Howard created this mailing list to distribute fiction and poetry to the on-line fandom. Click on the link to access the archives of this fine list.

Of Love And Hope: OLAH was a bi-weekly (can you believe it?) mailing list that served the fandom from September of 1993 until March of 1999. You can download the archives in six zipped volumes from here.

Helpers' Network Gazette: This was a very comprehensive newsletter compiled by helper Nan Dibble. The HNG was originally a hard copy newsletter, but it was sent on disk to Lisa Howard who cleaned it up and sended it into cyberspace.

Web Pages
When I updated this page in 2004, I found that all but one of the web pages I had listed in this section had died! A testament to the fluidity of the online fandom, I suppose. So, rather than list individual web sites here, I'll link to other lists of sites (from web rings).

The B&B Tunnel Ring (RingSurf version) - LIST SITES

The B&B Tunnel Ring (WebRing version) - LIST SITES

The Linda Hamilton/Ron Perlman/B&B Web Ring - LIST SITES

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