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Here is a collection of fan-written prose and poetry. Most of these works were submissions made to Father's Online Library, a now-defunct mailing list for B&B fanfic created by Lisa Howard. Other works are direct submissions to this web page by the authors.

As you will notice, I do not have plot synopses and ratings for all of these stories yet. If you read a story that is missing a synopsis and would like to compose one for me, I'd be very grateful!

A few of these stories are offered here in zipped format only, because of their large file size. Use the compression program PKZip (for PC users) or ZipIt (for Mac users) to uncompress the zipped files once you've downloaded them to your computer.


An Artistic Dilemma by Jean Torrance. Elizabeth can't decide what to paint! Rated G.

The Beast, The Hunter, And The Huntress by Dee Garcia. A third season story.

Beastly Knights by Leva Mevis. A crossover between Disney's "Gargoyles" and BATB, rated PG, classified as SND. Goliath and Elisa are certain that Demona is evil beyond redemption, but when Goliath chases Demona into the tunnels beneath the city, she is rescued by Vincent. Vincent gives her a chance, and Demona has a reason to change...but can she?

Before We Sleep by Kim Prosser. A follow-up to "No Way Down," Catherine takes Vincent home via taxi after the explosion and she feels terribly guilty and responsible for Vincent being captured by the Silks...and Father agrees with her. Classic. Rated G.

Beside The Still Waters by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub. Devin brings the girl he wants to marry home to meet the family. Classic story, revolving more around Father and Devin than Vincent and Cathy. Rated R.

Best In Show by Lynette Combs.

Bleak Midwinter by Nan Dibble.

Candle To Candle by Edith Crowe. The third story in the "Fire and the Rose" series. Vincent and Catherine begin figuring out the happily-ever-after part with a lot of help from their friends. The four months after Winterfest are busy ones, culminating in the event the Tunnel community has hoped for a long time. Here's a hint: it involves the words, "Dearly Beloved,..."

Carpe Diem by Rachel Collier. The second chapter in the First Friend series. Vincent gives Faline a little help with her love life (to say more would be too much!!!). Classic, rated PG-13.

Cat And Mouse by Rachel Collier. The third chapter in the First Friend series. Something dangerous is lurking in the tunnels, and it kidnaps Faline. Vincent and Tristan go after her...but what's after them?

Catherine And Vincent's Halloween by Marit Rasmussen. A classic story, rated G.

Catherine's Journal by Nancy Curles. Inspired by Ron Koslow's "Vincent's Letters To Catherine", here are Catherine's writings to Vincent. Journal Entry 1 - Journal Entry 2

The Catnip Caper by Lee Kirkland. Catherine has an accident and ends up wearing a new scent. Rated PG.

Conqueror by Elisabeth Delaney. This story is rated PG and takes place in the early Tunnel days, long before season one. A very unique child is abandoned behind the hospital called Saint Vincent's.

Dance With Me by Elaine Mills. Considered an all season story, rated PG.

A Dark And Stormy Night by Edith Crowe. A continuing classic story.

Father's Day by Lynette Combs. Its Father's Day in the tunnels and all the children are busy making gifts for the person in their life who represents what a Father is to them. Classic, rated G.

The Fire and the Rose by Edith Crowe. The first in a series of "continuing classic" stories that tell about Catherine and Vincent's eventual "happy life" (which is not necessarily an uncomplicated one.) The story opens on Samhain (Halloween) and follows Catherine's attempts, in careful stages, to convince Vincent that what he sees as the main problem in their relationship is really the solution. Rated PG.

First Friend by Rachel Collier. Vincent finds an injured young street girl in the park and brings her below. First chapter in a series. Classic. Rated G.

From the Branch to the Earth by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub. A sequel to "To Dream of Daring." An old friend comes to see Father and Vincent in the tunnels for a last visit. This is a "fourth-season" story, with Diana as a reasonably strong presence. Rated a soft R.

A Gentle Rain by Gloria Handley. A short, short story. While a gentle rain plays its music beyond the terrace doors, Vincent and Catherine share a romantic eveing in her apartment. Classic. Rated PG to mild R.

The Gift by Lori Brown. After Catherine has lunch with Jenny Aronson, Vincent and Catherine decide that Jenny should be told of Vincent so Catherine will have someone to confide in. After dinner at Catherine's apartment, Catherine tells her of Vincent and Jenny gets to meet him. After conversation, Vincent asks Catherine a very important question. Classic, rated G.

Homecoming by Debbie Ristick. This wonderful piece needs no season or content rating. Please read it and pass it along to those fans who may have left this loving fandom...

Ice Cream At Midnight by Shelby Patterson. A Fourth Season story dealing with baby Jacob's midnight cravings. Rated G.

If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem... by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub. In this R-rated Classic story (with some Vincent and Catherine), Joe meets and falls in love with a former Tunnel brat. The sequel to "If I Forget Thee, O Jerusalem..." is a "fourth-season" story, "The Promised Land". Info on that story is included at the end of this one.

In The Beginning... by Elaine Mills. This is an alternate universe story rated "adult" - a strong R.

IT FITS! by Amber James. A hilarious Christmas story that may seem a bit risque at first. But don't despair....READ IT! It's a Classic story, rated PGish.

It Lasts For Always by Lynette Combs.

Jacob's Father by Karen Enriquez. The mauling of a senator's assistant leaves only one witness, a small boy, and brings Special Agent's Fox Mulder and Dana Scully to New York City. B&B/XF crossover. Rated G.

Jacob's Helper by Clarsah. The author describes her story as post 3rd season - about 7 years post season. Definitely G-rated. No Sex, no violence, no heavy romance. Just a little magic to help Jacob find his way home after he gets lost Above.

Let There Be Lions by Terry Pepe. A Classic romance, rated PG-13.

Love Has Come Of Age by Lynette Combs. Classic, rated X.

May I Have This Dance? by Lynette Combs.

Memories by Jean Torrance. Vincent grieves for Catherine at Halloween. Rated G.

Mort D'Arthur (the death of Arthur) by Amber James. This story is VERY sad and will make you cry but it is extremely well written. It has no rating, season or content, because it doesn't need one. It is about Mouse's pet raccoon, Arthur. No humans appear in the story.

The Most Magical Night Of All by Clarsah. This is a follow-on story to "Jacob's Helper". It is Halloween and Jacob and some of his friends have gotten into a little trouble. Vincent seeks out the woman Jacob goes to for comfort. No sex. No violence. Just a little more magic. ;-)

My Lover's Eyes by Elaine Mills. Consider this a third/fourth season story that is rated R.

Once Upon A Hot Roof by Rhonda Collins. A very short, amusing Vincent/Diana vignette which presents a kind of off-beat "what-if" (which the author normally doesn't do). More than that would spoil it. It's rated PG-13.

Quantum Beast by Lee Kirkland. A five-part B&B/Quantum Leap crossover story. Quantum Beast - The Waiting Room - The Epilogue - Lovers Leap - Bewitched, Bothered, And Bewildered

Safe Haven by Terry Pepe. A Classic episode expansion story to "Promises of Someday". "Safe Haven" takes place approximately one month after Devin once again leaves New York. It focuses on Catherine and Vincent and, of course, their happy life. Rated PG-13.

Salve, Imperator by Raissa Devereux. This story focuses more on Lacroix, a vampire character from Forever Knight, and the events surrounding the death of one of his vampire children. Catherine bears witness and Vincent must bear a message to this vampire in his native tounge. Rated PG-13 with no sexual content.

Shadows Of The Heart by Gloria Handley. Diana, Narcissa, young Eric, a letter and a return trip to the catacombs are all instrumental in helping Vincent discover the truth behind the terrors still haunting him about what happened there. It is a truth that could restore his memories and help ease the aching loneliness of Catherine's death. (Although Diana has a prominent part in the story, this is really a story about Vincent and Catherine.) Third season. Rated a mild R.

She Who Waits by Lynette Combs.

Sleeping Beauty by Lee Kirkland. Joe meets someone who roars, and Vincent learns about his origins. Classic, rated a mild PG.

Something New by Melinda Madison. This is a Vincent/Diana story and is rated R. This story takes place one year after Catherine's death and, through a series of confrontations - some pleasant, some disquieting - Vincent and Diana are forced to face their love and desire for each other. Believing Catherine's blessing has been received, the focus is on acceptance and a new beginning.

That's What Friends Are For by Edith Crowe. The second story in the "Fire and the Rose" series. It takes place during the events of "The Fire and the Rose," shortly after Samhain. A friend of Jenny's needs help, and she reluctantly goes to Catherine in the hope that her rather mysterious friends can provide it. As it happens, Jenny's good deed brings her (and Catherine) an unexpected reward. Rated PG.

To Dream Of Daring by Toni Lichtenstein Bogolub. Vincent meets a terrified gangster's moll on the run from her master, and brings her Below. This is a story in the Classic time period, featuring Catherine. Rated a very soft R.

Tyger, Tyger by Rhonda Collins. A fourth season Vincent/Diana story that is rated PG-13.

The Unexpected Gift by Linda C. Moore. In this story, Catherine has been dead for several years. This story is not about Catherine's death specifically, but about what any loss can teach us, albeit the hard way. Written by the author to help her deal with the grief of losing several loved ones within a short period of time. Rated G. (Have tissues ready)

Vincent's Letters To Catherine by Ron Koslow.

The Walls Grew Thin by Terry Pepe. A Classic C+V romance with mild adult overtones.

What Light Through Yonder Window by Lynette Combs. Classic, rated G.

When The Nighttime Comes by Rhonda Collins. On the anniversary of Catherine's death, Vincent and Diana become more aware of their feelings for each other. Third season story, rated G.

Where the Rainbow Ends by Lee Kirkland. This series of full zines consists of stories centering on Vincent and Catherine and their children and may be considered "Continued Classic" zines. "Continued Classic" stories deal with Vincent and Catherine and continue, often spinning off from the Trilogy, as though 3rd season never happened. Being full zines, these files are huge, and are offered here in zipped format only. Volume One (seven stories) - Volume Two (nine stories) - Volume Three (eight stories)

A Winterfest Tale by Nan Dibble.

Your Pain is My Pain by Terry Pepe. A Classic Catherine and Vincent adult romance which takes place between their 2nd and 4th anniversary. SND, rated R. Because of its large size, it is offered here in zipped format only.

Notes From The Underworld - Author unknown.

The Prodigal by David Peckinpah.

Ben Bock: Love Unspoken, The Haven, and The Living Wind.

Rebecca Cairns: Recipe for a Dream.

Martha Carothers: Devin, The Lost Soul.

Lynette Combs: Dream Seeker, Happy Ending, and Her Ardent Heart.

S. K. Dapoz: Magic Named Me, Morning, Freedom, Threshold, The Mirror, Tomorrow, The Arrow, Phoenix, I Dreamed Of Him Again Last Night..., Blind Man's Bluff, Fortress, and Prey.

Lisa Dormon: Beauty And The Beast.

Pat Farrar: Beastly Encounter and Origins.

Donna A. Lordi: She Walks In Silence.

Katheryne Lynette: Sanctuary, Stars, and Pearls.

Peg McNabb: Winterfest, October Gift, Below, Winter's Tale, Father's Grace, Clothes-Minded, Night Light, Mary's Blanket of Many Colors, First Sadness, Vincent's Simple Things, Children's Hour, Tunnelcon III - A Newcomer's Perspective, Con-zeimer's Disease, Spice of Life, Hands, and Dawn.

Teri Milliman: Come Again?

Elaine Mills: Hearts Yearning.

Ina Schaefer: You Come and The Call.

Carrie Schneider: A Question Of Love.

All works of fan fiction you download from Father's On-line Library are amateur works of fiction. No infringement is intended on rights to the series, its characters, or its storylines held by Witt-Thomas Productions, Republic Pictures, Ron Koslow, or any other rights-holder to Beauty and the Beast. All rights to materials in Father's On-line Library are reserved to the individual author. Please do not reproduce them for profit or republish them by any means without permission from the individual author.

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